Thursday, February 19, 2009

entheogenic art...

the artwork of alex grey has always intrigued and inspired me. his connection to the earth, the cosmos and how we are, as humans inter-related to all life forms, has expanded my vision and experience of life on so many levels. during my master's degree program at naropa university, he was a visiting artist at some of the "cosmic masses" that were installed in downtown oakland, ca. these events brought together art, vision, movement/dance, music, ritual and ceremony together to create transformational events. his work has influenced so many artists with his ability to bring art and spirit together in the visual realms, and open the hearts and minds of the observers. entheogenic art is a reflection of the divine in life as experienced through psychoactive substances used in, typically, shamanic ceremonies and contexts. it is rare to find an artist who captures the shamanic experiences in rituals and ceremonies so vividly...for more about his work go to:
alex grey

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