Wednesday, February 18, 2009 the eye of alchemy

what is fear?
something familiar?
a pattern we have chosen?
an emotion we have grown
accustomed to?

let's leave the familiar for a while...

let's allow our bodies and senses
lead us into creativity and freedom
and our thousand ways of being...
the unknown borders of countries
we have yet to discover.

let's drink from the cosmic jug
and watch our hearts expand-
why hold them captive in those prisons,
full of old wine?
when new wine has yet to be drunk!

let's wash the tarnished copper
off our hearts
and begin working with gold-
the alchemist's favored choice
and watch doubt wash away...

let's dance, as the divine one
creates from the formless
a form more beautiful
than what has been before
spinning us into dimensions
of a heart of love we have always known...

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