Sunday, February 8, 2009

healing through sound

music has always been a form of healing for me, whether i am performing for many, a few or singing alone, singing and playing instruments has provided me an expression of joy, creativity and healing. 

over the years, i have had the opportunity to learn from medicine men and women who come from different cultures, both indigenous and modern, who have taught me lessons that have made a profound impact on my life. 

tito la rosa...a well known musician, medicine man and sociologist from peru, not only makes instruments from the incan and pre-incan cultures, he is a master at playing them as a way of bringing therapy through sound. he was raised a sikuri, which according to la rosa, is one who plays,
walking, we play going forward and backwards, sometimes we move better forward when going backwards. 
his healing music has had a major influence on many artists and students alike, in both south america as well in north america, including a very talented musician and sound healer, rene jenkins, whose powerful digeridu can be heard on my album "from within". 

it was through rene jenkins that i came to learn of the sikuri tradition, and in sound healing ceremonies with rene jenkins, i have been transported to ancient remembering and healing. all the instruments that are used are created from ancient instruments, and are and were used to awaken the wisdom within our bodies, as well as to bring healing to our soul's deepest wound. more and more we are diving into deeper realms of our psyche to discover healing from our past, present and even future patterns, conditioning and addictions. 

i am so grateful to those who have walked before me, who have created a path for me to walk into greater healing in my life, and i am grateful to have music as a way to express and share the insights that i have gained in sound healing ceremonies and other ceremonies. more about that to come! stay tuned... and thanks for reading.

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