Monday, February 9, 2009

quest for meaning is paramount in life

different plant medicines are surfacing as the quest for meaning in life is increasing in significance as we are becoming more isolated in the virtual landscape nestled within the global community.
some altered states of consciousness, which are assisted by ancient plant formulas from the pharmacy of the amazon, can help a journeyer liberate themselves from the idea of being separated from the self, which can create a variety of neuroses.
in this journey, music is of utmost assistance, affecting neurological sensory systems, glandular systems, the autonomic nervous system, involuntary muscles as well as reflexes. music can create a place for the id, ego and super ego to relax, release emotions and reduce physical as well as emotional pain. what the ego defends... the medicine and the music brings to the surface, and in guided altered states, the journeyer is given the opportunity to release these states of suffering, and find freedom and meaning to life never before experienced.

to listen to an ancient shipibo icaro, "medicine song" you can go to :

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