Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ena Vie on TOUR...Updates from the road #9

we are in the valley of the moon...or called by the indigenous peoples as, the valley of many moons...deep in the heart of sonoma, ca, where wine flows, vineyards roll across the landscape like the clouds that float across the sky, and we feel at home here, at least for the time that we are staying here.

what a gift it is to land somewhere, especially as we have been on the road for now going on 6 months! and...i think the tour has finally caught up with me, but i will get to that in a minute.

the month of september was spent at bhakti fest, LA shows/workshops, a trip to Florida, where we met many new friends in Melbourne and Cocoa and had the help of a new friend support us in sharing our MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA with the East coast! we can't wait to go back next spring, and create an east coast tour.

we returned to southern california for a moment, organized our things, got rid of more stuff that has been in storage and headed to northern california for more shows in the bay area. fairfax, sebastopol, sonoma, soquel and harbin hot springs to name a few places where we have played since we have been up here...and now, we are recording in this mystical valley in sonoma. it was once populated with miwok, pomo and wintun tribes until they were displaced by europeans. the story of the name of the valley goes something like this:
According to the Miwok tribes that lived in the valley, and the Pomo, it meant "valley of the moon" or "many moons". White settlers may have accidentally translated the words "many moons" into "valley of moons". Miwok legends say that the moon seemingly rose from this valley, or was "nestled" in the valley, or may have even sprung up multiple times in one night.

it seems that there have been many moons since we have arrived here. and this week, with the new moon in scorpio, there have been dimensional shifts, lunar inspirations and revelations within my heart and perceptions that i am grateful for and they will probably show up in a song or two down the road. we are diving deeply into letting go...asking for the light of love, the light of divinity and truth to shine on all the places that no longer serve us...and now we are making new contracts. 

the place where we began is not where we are now, and yet i am reaching back in time, more and more, with compassionate love and acceptance, and offering healing to those displaced parts of myself, and standing in the present moment, with the assistance of future guides and wisdom of myself, knowing that all these different dimensions inform this moment.

i have been sick for the past week or so...and being sick is no fun. i was pretty much in bed for 5 days, and after not getting sick at all on the road, i guess it finally caught up with me, my body wanted to have space and time to release the stress of living on the road, of not knowing where we are staying or playing or driving...and this past week or so, i have had time to reflect, write, remember, dream and release that which no longer serves me. what a gift...i am grateful to have my health, and while getting a cold is nothing compared to other levels of pain and suffering, it did cause me to take pause. we have been traveling through so many worlds, communities and realities...and it seems that it was time for me to gather some of it up, let go of what isn't serving and meditate on my breath...allowing for this to be the guide.  

so many shifts are happening for many people right now, it seems that the light is reaching into the darkest of places, whether it is on the economic front, the spiritual front, emotional, political or physical front, everything is up for renegotiation...and this means healing and transformation at times, and it also can mean resistance, conflict, misunderstandings and frustration.

in the midst of change and flux...i am learning to continue to keep doing what i helps me stay centered on what is important, stay connected with my heart and to pay attention to the direction my attention needs to stay attuned to.

our next and last show will be on the 4th of november at rudramandir in berkeley at 8pm. we are looking forward to playing here as we have been working towards this venue all summer it seems. we are ready to light the candle of our music, and send it out to those who will be joining us in this beautiful venue...if you can't make it, or don't live in the area...go check out their website...RUDRAMANDIR and we hope you can make is going to be a beautiful show with special guests Kim Atkinson on percussion, Howard Lipp on keyboards, and yours truly on guitar and vocals...with some hand drums and percussion thrown in for a treat.

wishing you a blessed dance into the deepest stage of autumn, as the leaves fall from the trees, turning golden oranges and yellows, the veils between worlds become thinner and the connection with our ancestors and guides is felt more acutely as the days become shorter. 

until next time...

aloha and blessings -

Ena Vie

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour...Updates from the road #8


these are just some of the words that have been swirling around my hemisphere of life as of late.

last i wrote (which was just last week...) howard and i were fresh off the bhakti fest block...decompressing from a summer of touring...california, oregon, nevada and hawaii. we have been on the trip of a lifetime...and often it is beyond magical...and many days, it is a far cry from glamorous.

we have not been in LA since we left last April, and we have spent the last week in Southern California due to a postponement of a workshop we were scheduled for in Florida. after spending the majority of the summer surrounded by pine trees, mountains, lakes, rolling hills, meadows, fields and plains...i must confess that returning to LA has felt like my soul was placed in a blender and my skin was consumed by a bad case of hives. so howard and i have been on say the least. it takes a bit of emotional and physical 'protection' to be in LA, or any large city, and we have spent all summer replacing our metallic bodies with more supple ones.

one day last week, howard's phone cracked and broke, we got a $64 parking ticket because we didn't read the 7th sign on the post that read..."no parking on FRI from 1-3" and it was 2:30 on Fri at verizon, where we were looking inside to fix howard's phone! then, we found out that our '97 volvo needs an $800 dollar overhaul, one of our workshops cancelled...and as we are living on a shoe string and a prayer...all of this in one day was a bit much to swallow...meanwhile we can barely breathe in the City of Angels.

we returned to our dear friend's home where we were staying for a few days in between the festival and our next gig, and i had a few tears in my eye...sharing with her our day...feeling overwhelmed and a bit frustrated that in the midst of us 'leaving it all behind for our passion' we were getting kicked in our behinds on the way out the door!

she looked me straight in the eye, with complete and utter compassion and love, and said gently,
'ena, no one said life was going to be easy. this is part of being could be living a number of other scenarios, and yet these situations are merely this...situational circumstances. it doesn't define who you are, and it most definitely does not define or reflect your decision to leap for your passion in music and sound is life.........





yes...i remember...she speaks truth, i am having a human experience...and of course...i am never the victim, in fact...i am always the creator ~ co-creator.

another breath.

more letting go, and now, another letting go of some deeper sense of entitlement...perhaps i thought that if i let go of everything (home, clothes, lifestyle, city, cars, etc.) that was in the way of me and my dream (or us and our dreams...) that somehow the flood gates would open wide, the path would be paved, people would catch the vision and mission of our music and all would be well, easy, no challenges, no tickets, no broken phones, no empty venues, there would be millions of cd's sold, music spreading immediately like wildfire...and so on, and so forth.

suddenly i realized how grateful i was to be standing there, (or how grateful i am to be standing here) in the face of my friend's loving compassion and acceptance for who i am and what i was living at the moment...she was reflecting to me my own loving compassion and acceptance of who i am...that i am enough...and that this is all there really is.

i was reminded of eckhart tolle's statement...

"If you are aligned with the moment, the kind of action that you take is qualitatively totally different from the kind of action that you take when you deny or dislike the present moment out of the feeling that you want to get somewhere better than this moment."

right now...i am taken care of....

right now...i am loved

right now...i have breath

right now...i have life

right now...i am empowered to live this moment

and then....the magic of life is revealed again. or rather, my eyes can see the magic more clearly because whatever fears or doubts or frustrations or challenges that were occluding my vision...fall away.

ironically...the Florida workshops began to fill up for the following weekend, and invitations for more work and shows seemed to be appearing in our was as if we needed to stay in the middle of the city, in the middle of the hurricane, to tune into, and re-member the Presence that is everywhere, in all things and made of all things.

my external circumstances do not determine who or what i am.

most often, if not always, i find that those fears, doubts, etc...are linked to the past and the pain from the stories of what i have lived, or they are linked to the future...and what i think may or may not happen. all of which are taking my heart and mind away from the present, from WHAT IS...and the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

so here is to the MOMENT...the vast, eternal moment of NOW.

here is to taking risks, without attachment to the outcome.

here is to living and cultivating our dreams and visions...and taking deep breaths along the way.

and here is to friends and community who show their support and love by being themselves.

all i am seeking and needing, is here, in this moment, within the PRESENCE of my spirit being, of who I AM...right now.

i am not alone.

you are not alone.

we are guided and loved.

'til next time ~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour...Updates from the road #7

Notes from the road...the road of life, the road of touring, the road of music, the inner road of spiritual remembrance, the in-roads of surrendering, being stripped down of all that is not WHO I AM to return to THAT WHICH IS...

this is in part what is unfolding on our TOUR this past summer, and our TOUR continues!

we just finished playing at bhakti fest this was a powerful time for so many reasons...the biggest reason is the sensation of stepping into the river of bhakti, sanskrit for devotion, and floating down that river for 4 days, 24 hours of constant music, (save for a few thunder storms and rain)...and surrendering the mind, thoughts and anything else that is not in alignment with the divine to the moment.

if you ever get a chance to go to this festival it is well worth your time, effort, energy and resources...because the pay off is priceless. stepping into the vibration of ancient sound and language that is pulsing throughout the festival grounds, along with yogis practicing their yoga, meditation and art is something to least once...and for some...everyday. this is our 3rd bhakti fest, and our first year having our own set, and it was probably the most powerful festival for us because in many ways it felt like a homecoming. we left our house and home, recording studio and our community last april, of this year, and we have been out in the world giving our gifts, receiving gifts from others and being on the most accelerated learning curve of a lifetime!! (and i used to be a sprinter at UCLA - so i know how to move quickly!! this is nothing like i have experienced before, that is for sure). we have been honing our skills, playing in all kinds of places where we have been challenged with everything you can think of, and then to arrive in our hometown, see all our community and musician friends and have them reflect to us the positive reflection of our growth along with their love...caused my heart to open even more and realize that while this summer has been one of the most challenging of my has made me a more professional musician, caused my mind to expand and let go...caused me to grow into the person i know i am ....and to cultivate a depth within that i only prayed for before taking this leap into trust and faith in the universe.

yes...we have been in our car, our volvo station wagon, crammed in with all our gear, our clothes, musical equipment and our 12 year old dog. yes we have been camping in tents, sleeping in new beds almost every night, not knowing sometimes where we are sleeping, where we are eating...and in the midst of it all...the sound frequency of our souls continues to guide us. we are being shown every day, and more often than not, every moment, how guided, protected and cared for we really are. there has not been one day or night that we have not been provided for, and while we envision our tour to unfold in new and more supportive ways...we can honestly look at the past 4 months and see that we are loved, we are not alone and we are walking down a road that is in alignment with our we continue, each day, each step, each moment...and it is unfolding in perfection. even when it doesn't look like it circumstantially...

so it has been a journey...and it continues! our summer season of festivals, house concerts, yoga studios and other venues up and down the california and oregon coast, nevada and hawaii is coming to a close...and now we are planning our next leg of our tour, this the bay area, winter in the hawaiian islands and we are looking to go back east in the spring....stay tuned for more dates and info for that as it arises.

go here ENA VIE if you want to explore more dates and info now.

in the midst of writing this blog, i was almost finished with writing this post, and somehow, as i  uploaded a few pictures, i lost the majority of this here i am now, looking to capture the essence of what was written in reflection of this last month or so....and it all disappeared...what a metaphor for this journey we have been on.


take another breath....


just when i think i can write down my experience, capture it in a blog or in disappears...of course the only way we can experience anything is in the moment...and then it vanishes...just like writing a song or recording or performing it. the song itself is expressed and written in the moment, and then the performance and recording of it is a whole different expression of it...and each time i play it, it takes on its own personality according to whomever is in the audience, who we are playing with, what is in the stars that evening and so on, and so on.

so here we are...reading and writing and sharing this blog together in this moment.

there are a few things i would like to share and recapture in this writing....

Peace Village Festival in Ashland, OR was a very special gathering where we made new friends and fans up at the beautiful Jackson Wellsprings....a sacred land holding the healing mineral hot springs that soothe the mind, soul and body. We had a great time sharing our music, listening to the gifts of others and offering medicine music around the sacred fires late into the evening and early morning hours. we were given the opportunity to share our hearts more intimately at few house concerts both in Ashland and Williams and this was probably the most special

we spent some time in Mt. Shasta camping and exploring the mountain, drinking from the pure, crystalline headwaters and sitting in the mystical lands of panther and squaw meadows....what a blessing to visit and be visited by this mountain...we will return again soon!

so now we take the next steps forward....sharing our sound and our hearts with new friends, in new locations and in new realms.

it seems that the moment i try and figure it all out, it falls a part...and then when i let go...i get more than i could ask for and see my life shining down in all directions and coming through me in all esoterically as this can sound, it is truly how i am learning to let go, be in the flow of the moment, trust that the plans we are making in the future are unfolding as they are intended to...and...i am not holding on to any of it.

come join me in the unfolding...come sit in the place of no-thing and everything...and let's explore together our souls joining in the union of breath, of sound, of passions shared and of hearts opening and returning to our true nature...which is LOVE incarnate in the moment of all that is.

see you down the road...and until next time...


we are going to be in the Bay Area/Marin/Sebastopol/Berkeley in the month of October and early check out our website to find out dates, times and's a sneak peek at where we are booking now!

yoga of sausalito
harbin hot springs
open secret bookstore
devi yoga center

house concerts - yoga studios and more to come!!

we look forward to sharing in the healing sound of music and love with you soon!

Ena Vie (ee-nuh vee)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour....Updates from the road #6 (grist for the mill)

aloha to all who read this...

i never did get to part 2 of the last blog seems that life on the road is so all encompassing that i have been challenged to get to a computer and write. so here i am, getting a chance to write and catch up and reveal as much as possible what has been unfolding and i realize it has been a month since i have written.

so much is being stripped away, not in a violent manner, but in a falling away manner...where the trajectory of my dreams are being replaced with what is...with the reality of hard work, perseverance, reassessing my intention, the vision...the dream...

being on the road is teaching me so much about myself through in, i see myself played out like that in you...what you wear, how you dance, how you sing, how you laugh, how you express your emotions...including anger and joy, how you love, how you avoid, how you support, how you is all me as you, expressed as you in me...i know...this seems like a mind vortex or a play on words or some kind of new age jargon rearranged to sound like something important...honestly...this has been my experience the last 3 months on the road.

my beloved and i have hit the 90 day mark, and i have come to the place of what could only be described as the 'unknown'...

after living out of our car for the past 3 months, with our dog and music gear and a bit of clothing in tow, i am at a place of is it that we can share and be in service to the music which flows, and at the same time, feel supported, nurtured, nourished and reciprocated both energetically and financially??

we have played in yoga studios, homes, new thought communities, festivals, side cafes, lake side shores for dragonflies, in desert badlands and desert highlands, ocean cliffs and mountain peaks, a wedding, a fire ceremony, to crickets and to hundreds of souls, to no one and to everyone, to forest creatures and meadow birds, to city folk and country folk, during savasana and sun salutations...and all this in 3 months...quite a journey in a short amount of time.

we have had stellar musicians join us, along with the amateur, we have had professional sound men support us in sounding the best we have ever heard live, and we had a sound man who could barely turn the system on and after a multitude of sound checks, he still couldn't get it right, we had to soldier on with the show without being able to hear ourselves or each other...we have had people pay us more than we could imagine and we have been owed monies for which we delivered and the payee did not.

showing up, no matter what it looks like, and fulfilling my commitment to the music, to our mission (if you want to call it that) has been on the front burner of this journey...however, one of the biggest topics at the moment is...what is the point behind it all?

in the beginning, i believed it was to share a passion, a statement about life, a connection through sound with spirit, a conversation through song with community, a frequency between the rhythms of nature and humanity...

now...i am sitting in the 'i don't know'

i don't know what it means
i don't know what it looks like anymore (i never really knew what it looked like in the first place)
i don't know where this is going
i don't know if how we have been 'doing this' is how i want to continue

i have been challenged to face into all that i don't surrender to this 'knowing' of 'i don't know' without indulging in fear or other insecurities...even though they surface from time to time.

i have been humbled by seeing others success, and supported to not compare, i have felt defeated when the outcome was not what i wanted it to be, only to find later that the expression of music or presence was felt through reverberations that were sometimes expressed through a message or email...who knows about all those that never said anything?

i believe that this 'place' of recognition that nothing is as it seems and everything is in perfect form and no-form is a space of new beginning...that something is constantly being formed in the darkness of the womb of the unknown and creating new thought, new expression, new sound from a place of deeper truth...

today...i posted this on my facebook page

gratitude for letting go of what i thought it was going to look like, for what i wanted it to be, for all that i imagined how it would play out ~ it is playing out like this ~ and so i am encountering it like this...thank you life - thank you to the great spirit within me that continually guides me into the unknown and reveals more ways for me to surrender to the loving allowance for all that is ~*~

this is the place i know i can return to...resting in the arms of the unknown, knowing that this place is full of creative power and unlimited love...the place of connectedness, of meaning, of existence of all that is...

as my feet deepen into the earth, my mind rests in the expression of my heart...and i open to more and more of the power that is the love of life.

thank you for reading...thank you for being who you are, and for walking in this life in the way that you are...may you feel the light of your being, that you are affecting those around you in ways you may never know...and may you know that you are loved for exactly who you are...

with aloha ~*~

if you would like to know where we are playing next...i invite you to go to:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour....Updates from the road #5 (part 1)

so much has transpired over the last month since i wrote...and much of it will stay in the mystic ethers of my memories and of the dreamscape in which it seems to have all transpired...

last i wrote we were preparing to take off to the big island of hawaii. we arrived in hilo on the 11th and we dove deeply into the jungle of mama pele...her volcanic land called us immediately into her depths, and the soundscape of the island, from the coqui frogs to the trade winds to the crashing waves and the lunar eclipses all contributed to what turned out to be an other-worldly experience.

two weeks of resting, writing, creating, meditating and expanding our hearts was well needed, and very appreciated. we spent time in the water, swimming with the dolphins, climbing around the volcanic rocks and making deeper relations with the spirits and plants of the big
island. we were blessed to spend time with a dear aunty and kahuna who introduced us to more spirit beings of the water and encouraged us to look into spending more time on the
islands...which we are happy to do! so much to integrate with all that happened while we were in hawaii...and most of it seems, in this moment, to be asking to stay in the dream realms, the inner space where it is asking to be integrated and kept in the heart of matters.

some things are meant to be processed before explaining or this is where the 'hawaii - encounter' is asking to stay at this the space of process and dreaming.

one of the many things we made deeper relations with while we were in hawaii was
water...from natural volcanic ponds, to rain showers, to the powerful ocean, to small rivers and
beyond...water was really showing up more for me on the big island than ever before...years ago i lived on the kona side of the big 'I' and i had the opportunity to create a deeper relationship with mama pele, the goddess of the volcano, who is very active and fiery, and while many believe her to be an older spirit, compared to the water spirits, she is very young...she is still creating herself!

from hawaii...we flew back to nor play at the 'Mothership' Heart Bliss gathering in Healdsburg before we were heading to Yosemite for a week. what a beautiful and colorful group of light beings we encountered! we arrived late sunday night...straight from the islands and the redwoods of santa the deeper forest of northern santa rosa...a home in the
middle of nowhere ...yet taking all the beings everywhere...wherever they chose to go...we had a beautiful set, in the wee hours of the night...we went on at 2:30 am and we played for about an hour...and it was so powerful to share our music with hearts that were wide and open to the sound and the friends and fans are such a gift, and we thank all the new peeps we met up north...thank you for the love!

straight from the mothership we headed to yosemite...not without first getting stopped by a police woman for no apparent reason than we looked like me may have just left the
'mothership'...she pulled us over for one thing, that wasn't happening, and gave us a fix it ticket for something else that wasn't broken...while i applaud and give thanks for the police department for all their hard work and their service to our cities and was a bit
curious to be pulled over for one thing when it seemed she was looking for something or someone else...well...perhaps she needed some of the bliss energy we all took in over the weekend!

so we headed off to yosemite...the land of granite, pines, madrones, rivers, waterfalls and a host of childhood memories from spending many summers in the valley and the back country of tuolumne. yosemite was 5 days spent with family and friends. we had a bear come in our campsite, where i was face to face with a 2 year old bear, who was going through our trash and i told him to move on. he looked at me, cocked his head, and walked away...he was so cute i forgot he was a bear...that same morning, there was a freak summer rain storm, that caused the river to rise over 4 feet and we were eventually told to leave our campsite as over 14 sites were flooded. after spending time in hawaii with the water spirits, i knew that water was still expressing itself and revealing herself to me and howard, and we were happy to listen and take note.

eventually we went back to our campsite, but we were quite humbled by the power of water and how quickly it can transform, flood, overtake, fill up and transform the earth.

yosemite water falls was another powerful sight to see as the falls were overflowing with so much power and could see the spirits diving off the cliffs of the granite with all their might, going straight into the rivers below with wild abandon...i was and still am in awe of their grace and their expression.

from yosemite...we drove to Middletown, CA to play on the 3rd, which is Howard's birthday, at Harbin Hotsprings....i will write about this, the 4th of july event, and tonight and tomorrow night's shows for the (part 2) installment of this catch-up blog.

sending you love from the road...gratitude for all the new friends and fans we are meeting along the way!

until the next blog...which will be soon...
aloha and mahalo...!!!

Ena Vie

here are some upcoming dates in store:

tonight : arcata community yoga center 7:30 pm arcata, ca
tomorrow night, July 9th- cafe culture chico, ca 7:30 pm
july 17th mendocino...more to come for details
mystic garden gathering of tribes oregon July 20-25th
wanderlust July 29th-31st
burning man - sacred spaces village
bhakti fest - sept. 10th 11am-12:30pm 2nd stage
RUDRAMANDIR Nov. 4th Ena Vie and friends

and oh so much more!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour....Updates from the road #4

wow...time really flies when life is lived on the road...i guess time flies anyway...and time is also relative. lately, i have been experiencing that there are moments when i feel as if i am in some sort of time warp...and many days have passed in one day, and then it seems no time has passed in many days...

a few more days have slipped by since my last blog post...and i have definitely been spending time getting rest and relaxation in this adventure of living life on the road with our MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA .

last i left you...howard and i were heading down south from mt. shasta after our shows and
sound healings in was a powerful time spent in the wide open spaces filled with rivers, trees, high deserts and beautiful people sharing their hearts and lives with us.

life on the road has so many twists and turns that i am learning that i don't really know what i am doing from moment to moment until it is happening. i had planned to go to the Women's Herbal Symposium up in Laytonville where women gather from all ages to celebrate the earth, on the land, for 3-4 days. i had invited a few friends to go with me, and i thought they all had registered...and being on the road, i had not i waited until the last minute. when howard and i returned to santa
cruz, two days before the event, i called to register and found out that the symposium was full, and there were no more tickets. then, my friend who had sent in her registration, found out that somehow it never was received, and we were all open to whatever was in our highest we all decided to go harbin hot springs instead.

my time at harbin was very special for me and it was a much needed place of rest and rejuvenation. the healing waters were just what my body and soul needed after many days of travel, sharing our music, meeting new friends and traversing new land.

our days were spent resting, reading, soaking, doing yoga in the temple, laughing and being very silly, eating delicious food, steaming, sleeping by the river, lounging by the fireplace and receiving the warm sunshine on my body after spending over a week in the still cold landscape of oregon. it was such a magical time, and i am so grateful for my friends who went with me, the new friends i met and the beauty that comes from trusting that while some plans are made, the plans that unfold are often the best divinely guided plans.

now...the next few days are being spent organizing the month of june...where we will be spending 3 weeks in hawaii...a week in yosemite and a few shows in between.

june 9th - we will be sharing our music at esalen, after a week long workshop we will share at the culmination of the radiance sutras workshop led by lorin roche and camille maurine. the glorious denise kaufman will be there bringing her joy and aloha with her support and renditions of the radiance sutras as well as her superb bass playing skills. howard and i are so thrilled to be sharing our music with these beautiful people in this amazing setting...if you ever get a chance to go to esalen... it is a very special place that has been around for over 50 years. check out my blogpost that i wrote inspired from my last trip to esalen.

june 10th - 24th we will be journeying through the powerful and healing landscape of the big island. we will be spending time sharing our music on the hilo and kona side of the island with dates and locations to come. we will also be sharing our MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA throughout the land with friends flying in to join us in these special events.

june 26th we will be playing in healdsburg at the Heart Bliss Artist Retreat/Reunion

then...we have more dates to come !!!
Harbin - July 3rd
Farfax - July 4th
Arcata - July 8th
Chico - July 9th
Mendo - July 15-17th
Mystic Garden Gathering of Tribes - July 20 - 25
Wanderlust - July 28th- 31st

we can't wait to see you in the flow of MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA

we are honored to be bringing our music and sound to you...see you in the flow of love and beauty...

for more info and dates and locations...go to

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour....Updates from the road #3

The last blog entry i left off on our way heading north from CA's
bay area towards our gigs in ashland and bend, oregon. we had spent a few days with our beloved friends in soquel, ca, in a redwood grove, where we had been given some time to regroup, release our RV, lighten our load a bit more...and spend some time with the redwoods, near a beautiful creek running through the gentle land of soquel, with some furry friends who round it all out with their love and medicine...and, our beloved friends who feel like family. we feel so blessed to spend time in a restful and loving environment where we can support one another to remember who we really are. and...they have a 3 year old son who has adopted me as his 'other mama' heart is now his!

by the time we got all our gear together...we didn't leave the south bay area until late afternoon...and we were headed to ashland, which was going to be about a 7 hour drive or so. packed solidly into our volvo, i offered to drive the leg up north, as howard had just spent a cool 36 hours in so. cal...delivering our RV, unpacking the last of our stuff from a uhaul truck into our storage and driving back up north again...just two days he was ready for some rest.

i enjoy driving, it brings me back to my childhood family
vacations...i have many memories of driving out on the open road to arizona, yosemite, the grand canyon, wyoming, colorado and lake mead, nevada or lake havasu, arizona where we spent many summer weekends water skiing and camping out under the stars. we would drive late on friday nights, so my dad could go after work, in the station wagon, and return late sunday evenings so my dad could go back to work on monday. i remember my mom and brother would often fall asleep in the back of the wagon while i would stay up, sitting in the front seat with my dad, while he drove. i would stare out into the dark night sky which was often filled with stars - there were no street lights or other cars as far as the eye could see.

so the thursday night drive was like a night i had lived many times from my childhood...just now with different characters. howard was sleeping in the front seat, and
sweetums, our white shepherd/wolf was passed out in the back with all our music gear and clothes piled around her. once we ventured north of san francisco, it was a quiet drive...dark and still. eventually, we came across mt. shasta...quiet, ominous, beautiful, powerfully rooted in the earth, shining in the moonlight and draped in snow. we drove through the town of mt. shasta around midnight, we wanted to stop and stay for the night, but we decided to continue on to our destination...knowing we would take some time to visit on our way back down.

we arrived in ashland (or a friend from LA who has recently transplanted there calls it) around 2 in the morning, we were tired and welcomed sleep. we had been offered a room to stay in town for thurs. and fri., and we were so grateful to have a place to lay our heads...yet...the moment we lay down...the bedsprings were poking into our bodies and the squeaking bed sounded off just looking at it! for someone who is very sensitive to sounds and environment, this was not going to work for two nights! (since we released our RV, howard and i have been envisioning the right vehicle for us where we can sleep and store our it a hybrid SUV? a flat bed truck with a camper? a travel trailer??) this bed was giving us the opportunity to get even more clear about what we need for sleeping and traveling on the road.

we woke up early, tired and laughing at our adventures in sleeping, packed up our things, silently whispered 'thank you' to the home and homeowner who we hadn't met and headed off to Jackson Wellsprings early to grab a soak in the tubs before our show that night. after our sound check with the percussionist whom we had met for the first time that afternoon, we went and took a soak in the warm, healing, sulfuric waters. we were offered a place to stay that evening at the was a sweet place called 'neptune's garden', which was built and painted by the musician, scott huckabay who lived in it for 8 years. What a beautiful sanctuary and rest stop for us, now the tired musicians blazing across states and through many towns. i took a nap after soaking, and woke up to this scene (photo on the left)....i felt as if i was swimming in the ocean waters with dolphins, seaweed, and other sea creatures that welcomed us from the road and into their cosmic waters.

the crew at jackson wellsprings had been working hard all week to get the space prepared for
our show, which was the first to kick off the summer shows in ashland. we played that night under the casbah tent in the dry, high desert air, and shared our music with new friends while a fire burned, chai simmered on the kitchen stove and guests soaked their bodies - defrosting from a cold winter. it was a beautiful evening...sharing prayer, intention, music and our passion. what a gift to be doing what we love and offering our music and our lives as our 'life work'...we are blessed! we met some new friends, some played with david kai (who opened for us! thanks david!) and ken becker who brought his sweet sounds of harmonica to one of our newest songs. kerry shakerman shared his percussive talents to the night...we have made a new friend..thanks kerry for showing up and playing with us sans rehearsal!

after the show, a man came up to me and started sharing his experience of the touched he was by our music, how it really spoke to his heart and that he has traveled with many musicians...seen many acts...and he really believes in what we are doing. then he said,
"i have a van, that has been converted, sorta like a limo van, you can stand up inside it, you can sleep in it, store all your gear, have room for sweetums (who had been keeping watch over us during the show by sleeping next to the stage) and it is a great traveling/touring vehicle. many people have asked me if they can buy the van, and since i have been in town, i have turned down a few people, knowing that they are not the right owners for this particular van. upon hearing your music and what you are about, i want you guys to come check it out and see if this is for you...i think it will be perfect for what you are looking for."

howard and i had just been envisioning the night before what kind of vehicle would be best for us...knowing that the volvo wagon would not be a long term here was spirit at work again...masterfully aligning the right things at the right time.

the night ended and after talking story with more friends and locals...we packed up the car with our gear and crawled into our sweet little bed in neptune's garden and slept the sleep of a newborn. the next morning, a man by the name of david lovere handed us a cd with some photos he took of our show in exchange for admission...little did we know what a talent he is; we were given some beautiful shots of our evening under the casbah tent. thank you david for sharing your gifts with made the evening even more special!

by early afternoon we were headed towards bend, oregon for our show that was scheduled that evening at the Community Grange Center. we checked out the van with our new friend from the night before, and decided we would connect back in with him the following week...we were still 4 hours away from our next percussionists yet...and we were tired from the night before, the week before, the month before, the year before!! we needed to hit the road!

so much has been unfolding for us, and on this particular drive to bend, we were feeling the push on our bodies from the build up of all the transitioning that has been/is occurring. the road to bend from ashland is one straight, long highway lined with pine trees all the way from start to finish. at one point, we crossed a beautiful river...the rogue? the mountains surrounding and holding us, as we drove across a bridge with a blue sky and clouds above. i looked at howard and said, "this is our life...right now...we are creating this adventure...we live in our car and take our music out to the people, with a few clothes, gear and our mission/vision as our only belongings...!!!" it sort of hit me, and howard, a light switch had just been turned on. we smiled and sat in silence as we steadily moved towards our destination.

we arrived at our friend's home with only 1 hour before we needed to get to our show location and start time, which would give us enough time to grab some clothes, get our gear and drive to the spot.

our friend jennifer had secured this really sweet community center in town, and had loved it up with candles, plants, statues, was so beautiful. she organized, promoted and set up the whole event for us! we quickly unloaded our gear, met the percussionists who were booked that same day...never hearing our music, showing up anyway to support our music and our Earth Prayer Project. it was another beautiful night...the music unfolded beautifully...we shared our songs, our prayers, our love and our joy, while meeting new friends, new tribe and new fans. i am finding on this adventure, more times than not, that i am meeting and connecting with people and it seems as if i have known them for a long time. when i left santa monica, i told my friends and community, "we are not moving away, we are taking you with us in our hearts and expanding the community"...and this is unfolding in front of us at every show. new friends feel like old tribe members... another confirmation that we are walking on the path of our truth and joy.

after the show ended, we returned to our friend jennifer's house, who has a daughter that we had met up with in peru when we were visiting down there two years ago. her name is teresa schroeder and she is staying with jennifer while transitioning from her return from peru to her next residence...which looks like it will be in santa fe, new mexico. she is quite the inspirational woman who sustained a spinal cord injury while snowboarding at the age of 21. Fracturing her 3rd through 5th cervical vertebrae she was immediately paralyzed from the neck down, and has been on an adventure of recovery, self - discovery and realization that has been an extraordinary more about her life, mission, artwork and to show your support - go here:

to speak of teresa, her work in this world, her tenacity, courage, patience, meditation, persistence, creativity and to just scratch the surface of how she lives everyday...along with extraordinary pain, a mission to walk again, dependence upon many for her every day care, support and guidance along with a vision to continue to journey inward and upward...this is her life, her destiny. since her physical crisis that happened over 5 years ago...teresa has managed to visit and work with shamans in the amazonian jungle, working with plant medicines, yoga therapy, Native American ceremonies, Vipassana meditation and beyond. She has learned that our bodies are designed to talk to us. both teresa and her mother jennifer, are adventurers of life...learning from the realms of healing, pain, love, transformation and renewal...i send my love and prayers to you well as all those who walk with you.

howard and i decided to stay the week in bend and spend time with teresa, jennifer, and the crew of light workers who assist teresa everyday
with her life's work of healing, breathing and remembering. we also decided to offer our sound healing ceremonies to the community...and this has been a joy for us to bring our deeper work of
to new friends and tribe.

this past week in bend has been a bit of relaxation, reorganization, re-visioning of where we are going, revisiting what we have just completed and dove into while remembering that all is well and nothing is as it seems! today, the sun is shining, the river is flowing, the flowers are blooming and we are filled with gratitude, knowing that although we don't always know how the road will unwind, we are always provided for and shown exactly what we need, when we need it, not a moment too soon or too late.

next month - June - we are heading to Hawaii...the Big Island and possibly Maui - to share our
MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA with Pele and Kiawahine...and the locals. what a joy and a blessing this adventure is bringing us...

festival season is also arriving...and we are now booked for Mystic Garden Gathering, Wanderlust, Burning
Man (sacred spaces villages) in July & August and much more to, photos and updates will continue to be posted, so stay tuned here, on facebook or on our website.

thank you for your love and support and for keeping up with us on our adventures. don't forget to drop us a line whenever you feel inspired...and you can always have the blog posts delivered to your email by clicking on the follow sign which is on the right column on the front page of the blog.

love to all...
peace to all ~
life to all!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour....Updates from the road #2

since the last post i wrote, the days have been full of rich encounters...the more we let go and surrender to the moment, the more the present spreads out into an infinite week feels like one month or one year!

i wrote the last blog entry from the open fields of inverness in north marin county.
those hills have spoken to me for years, and tamales bay has been a retreat for my mind and soul in ways i feel i cannot always describe. each time i go out to the bay, my body takes an exhale and i sink into the rich, golden grasses underneath the bright blue skies and rolling clouds. the spirit of this land is palpable to me, and the time i spend in this part of california is always full of deep rest and expansive dreams.

last thursday morning, we left inverness, and headed towards play music for a yoga class with kelly farr. sweetums, our white shepherd (wolf) came into the studio and became the guard for the duration of the class and Howard and i played our music for the lunchtime yogis...what a beautiful way to share our practice while others were practicing.

we had made some plans to possibly meet up with our dear friend, yogi & musician - denise kaufman for lunch or grab a hug after our class in sausalito...but i realized she had called while we were in our class and so we thought we had missed her...we decided to eat some soup from the local market looking out over the bay, with a view of alcatraz and downtown san francisco. i looked over at howard and said, "this is what we get to do with our our lunch, outside in the sunshine, with a view of the city...not bad, right?" we left our lunch spot and headed south to santa cruz...for our next gig friday night. on the way over the golden gate bridge, we get a phone call from denise saying she just crossed over the bridge and we realized we were only minutes from each other. she gave us directions to get off the 101 and suddenly we were facing each other in person, giving hugs and love and celebrating how incredibly synchronistic life can be when you step into the flow of the river. my heart was full by seeing her...a sweet reminder of home in the middle of letting go of our own. a postal worker just
"happened to be standing right next to us" and we asked her to snap a photo...then we were all off to our next adventures! (denise was going up north to film a documentary for her band from the '70's - Ace of Cups - for a birthday celebration for wavy gravy!)

howard and i needed to find a bank of america...and we were trying to find it with our very confusing GPS...we are not so familiar with san we decided to find one in santa cruz. we arrived in capitola, a town right next to santa cruz, and we drove into the parking of the B of A. howard says to me, "that license plate says 'inner light' " and i look up and there is Rev. Deborah Johnson, the rev. of 'inner light' walking in front of our the same moment i stick my head out the door and say..."are you Deborah Johnson?" and she said, 'yes i am'....i said...'i am ena vie and we are sharing our music at your service this sunday morning' and she replied..'we are looking forward to having you with us'...and walked towards the bank. i looked over at howard and said...of all the banks in this area, of all the banks in the bay area...we could have stopped at any location, we could have had lunch longer, or needed gas for the car..or a million other things...and yet, in this moment, we connected with this woman from a place we are playing music for in a few days! synchronicity at work again!! the flow is alive and well ~ i am remembering to wake up to this more and more.

we played the next evening at divinitree yoga...a small and fairly new yoga studio in santa cruz. we played with a percussionist who we had just met and the night was magical and a long, sweet seemed that many beings came to join us in song...both seen and unseen.

the next morning...we soaked our bodies in hot tubs at the tea house spa in santa cruz...bamboo shoots next to redwoods and private rooms looking out between shoji doors, wood floors and stones being splashed with water...a good way to prepare for our show in san rafael at the open secret bookstore.

feeling revived, rested and fully soaked, we headed up north. we took the 101 instead of the 280, which landed us in downtown san francisco on a saturday night! traffic, not knowing the city, and winding up and down the streets caused us to be a little late for our sound check and set up and we could not go to our RV to get fresh clothes and other things we needed for our show. some frustration was building within me, as i was feeling into more of what it means to lose control of how i think it is supposed to be or look like...accepting what is...c'est pas evident (as the french so eloquently put it!) we had left our RV in fairfax so we could be more mobile in santa cruz, but i only had two changes of clothes from two days in cruz town...and now we only had time to set up, do sound check. no time to go up the RV and get more things, and i only had clothes on me from the night before to wear for the night...and then i realized i was singing in a bookstore, where they had jewelry i asked the woman at the counter if i could borrow some earrings and a necklace.

it ended up being the most beautiful silver-pearl mala necklace that matched what i was wearing, and at the end of the night, i felt like the stroke of midnight i returned the jewelry, however, unlike cinderella, i knew that i was being provided for at every step, and that returning these gifts was putting the energy back into the flow of the river. we are being shown that accumulating more stuff right now is not what we are choosing.

the show was incredible...we had an awesome band...ben leinbach on percussion and tom finch on electric guitar. one of the memorable moments for me was when we played 'ashes to ashes' and the song went into a trance version of itself...people were dancing and laughing and i saw into that moment...while i was singing about impermanence, and our bodies turning to ash and dust...that the awareness of death gives us more reason to celebrate LIFE!! it seemed as if all the beings...present and not, were celebrating the life/death/life cycle with joy and enthusiasm...what a gift!

after the show, we went up to where our RV was parked to grab some more things for our show the next morning, and the RV battery was out. what to do? we eventually got it started and realized we needed to bring it with us to santa at 3 in the morning, we arrived in santa cruz with our RV, our volvo, our dog and all our belongings...wake up time was 8 for our offering to Inner Light in soquel at 9. the whole way down i was chanting...'this is so easy! i can't believe how easy this is! this is the easiest thing we have ever is all easily coming together...' etc...and you know what? saying this over and over again, my mind stepped right into this river of being..and it really was/is easy!!

i don't know how to describe the morning at inner light, except to say that it was a miracle of beauty, awakening, spirit moving deeply and our music flowing out into the hearts and bodies of those who were there. it was probably one of the highlights of my music career so far, in that it seemed that we all were in it together...that we were all singing...praying, dancing, moving, crying, loving...together...and this is our mission, our vision, our passion to share our music in a way that confirms connectedness and not separation...what a joy!!! we found a new family on the road, and we look forward to going back there again and again! thank you valeriejoi, rev. deborah johnson, laura helgren and all the angels who helped us from start to finish. we love you!

as we pulled out of inner light sunday morning, howard and i both looked at each other and said, 'we need to lighten our load! we need to return the RV!!!' so the next day, howard drove the RV back to LA, finished unloading our last uhaul truck of stuff into our storage, and brought our recording gear back with him THE NEXT DAY! we know that we need to be recording the amazing music that is coming through us right now! i can't wait for you to hear some of the new stuff!

we are now preparing for our gigs this weekend in oregon...jacksonwellsprings in ashland, and the high desert community grange in bend...what an incredible journey it is to surrender, to let go of all that i don't need and only walk with that which brings me the greatest joy! we are stripping away all that no longer serves us, and realizing that we really don't need that much stuff - some musical instruments, clothes, a car to get us to and from, our wolf dog sweetums and the love of being alive in every moment! that's about it! check back next may find we need less than that!

thank you for your love and support...drop us a line anytime and let us know how you are doing...and we can't wait to see you at our next show...come travel with us....we love you so much!

ena vie

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour....Updates from the road #1

it has been 5 days since we left LA...only 5!! and already so much has transpired in our lives and hearts!

the few weeks leading up to leaving were packed full of gigs (Earth Day/Earth Prayer Event at Exhale in Venice was awesome!!) playing for yoga classes, finishing up loose ends with jobs and other clients for Axis Mundi Entertainment/Studio...and MOVING!! this all started around the beginning of february...when we were asked to bring our song Earth Prayer up to the 1000 Hummingbirds All Nations Gathering event to help bring awareness and support water projects world-wide. this event was so powerful for us to participate in...there were fancy dancers and medicine drummers from a few different first nations tribes...and this set the stage for energy of the event and for us to share our song. Earth Prayer was an invitation to bring the healing power of the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono prayer - I'm sorry | forgive me | i love you | thank you - to the hearts of all those who were present. it was a moment for the 1000 Hummingbirds...and it was a moment for Earth we launched our song, our project - Earth Prayer the people! There were tears, hugs, joy and passion and this was the prayer and intention of Earth Prayer and Earth Prayer Project.

so we returned to LA and we began to organize more shows in california and beyond.the morning after the earthquake in Japan, and the onset of a possible tsunami partner in all things creative, business, relational etc. etc. and i were suddenly shaken to the reality of making this grouping of shows a full time TOUR. the guidance was clear...take the music out the PEOPLE!! this was March 11th, the day Uranus moved into Aries. According to the stars lining up at that time...and this time in general:

The first Mercury retrograde of the year (March 30 - April 23) provides the opportunity to adjust our thoughts, attitudes and decisions about our issues and adjust our new direction as we move through 2011. The changes will be dynamic as the Aries floodgates will have been opened. The whirling changes will begin in January 22, 2011 and ramp up to a higher speed and intensity of change on March 11, 2011. The situations of trading places and experiencing major transitions occur and become a major course correction beginning with the Mercury Retrograde on March 30th and continue through April 23, 2011.

so- in alignment with the stars and the cosmos...the Ena Vie TOUR began.

we had so much to do in so little time...and in less than a month, we packed up our home, had a sending off party with all our beloved friends and tribe and headed up north...

well...not that easily...i must share with you what transpired the last week and even day of our time in santa monica.
as many of you may know....moving can be so exhausting, draining and disruptive to all that seems in place in life. i believe that moving rates up there in the top ten stressors of life. the

whole week leading up to our final move we didn't get more than 10 or 15 hours of sleep. there was so much to pack up from our home and recording studio as well as prepare our tour for an unknown about of time.
monday...howard (my fiance and music partner/collaborator/engineer/mixer/producer - you get the idea!) called a friend of his and asked him if he knew of an RV that we might be able to use while we were traveling. not only did he know of was his! he said he had been living in it for the past year and that he would look for an apartment soon since he was wanting to move into one any way. tuesday rolls around...and he found an apartment!! by wednesday he had it cleaned out...and thursday at 10 pm...he rolled into santa monica and voila! we had ourselves an RV!

the funny thing was...with all our friends assisting us with the move, and our boxes and recording equipment and furniture etc...they were all wondering what were we going to do if an RV had not shown up?? we had never made a plan B!

that thursday night was a night i will never forget! we had 6 men helping us move...mostly because we needed the HELP! and...we have a 600 pound ganesha statue that is about 5 feet tall and cannot be moved without at least 4-6 strong men.
this statue was once in a temple i am sure...because why would anyone want to move this thing...ever?? while we were trying to figure out how we were going to move him, and where

we were going to put him...a thought occurred to me...'ganesh...remover of becoming the obstacle of our move!'

sweat, tears, man power, prayers, a lot of chiefs and many attempts later...we finally got Ganesh out of the house and into a safe resting place for the time being.

Ganesh is known for many things...remover of obstacles, creator of beginnings, director of arts and sciences, deva of intellect and wisdom...ganesh is not a deity for me...nor something i worship or bow to. ganesh is a reflection of all these aspects of LIFE, of the Creator of all things...that we have access to at any time when we need it. ganesh is a reminder that for all things that begin, many things must end...and there will be challenges along the way...and we were first hand witnesses to this!!

the next day, Friday was surreal...and i mean this literally...(how can something surreal be literal??) was both...surreal and literal....we were watching our home, our life, our creative pursuits be packed up and boxed...our furniture sold or given away, people walking through what once was a sanctuary and sacred space now made empty and vacuous, and all that once had meaning and perhaps even some identity attached to it (?) be taken down, placed in a storage unit or discarded. it was an ego death of sorts...we were losing all sense of 'control' of our environment, stepping out into the unknown and leaving all that is familiar to go where we did not know anyone, or how it was all going to look or be...and yet we knew that this was exactly where we were called to go...and yet...there was still the tendency to want to hold on to the past, the photos, the letters, the memories...the idea of who we are when we are in this place, with these people, in these clothes, doing this or that on this day...yet somehow, as i was watching this all unfold, like a play before me, i couldn't help but think back to my days at UCLA as an English major...and Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor..."familiarity breeds contempt." it was time to move out the troops!

friday night was full on...we had packed the house...we were on a mission to move our recording gear into a friend's place in Silverlake...but when we arrived, the driveway would not support the Uhaul truck...and the space was too small to hold all our belongings...(was mercury still directing itself?? yes...we are still in the shadow of mercury going direct until may 12th) well...we were feeling all kinds of obstacles.

we got to the final storage unit and realized we had too many things to unpack in a space that could not hold our we decided at midnight that we would leave our truck for a week, put our stuff in the storage space at another time...and get on the road.

we left our house sat. morning at 2:30 am...cleaned, empty and ready for the next tenants. it was so late, we were so tired, that i really couldn't fathom what we had just done, with the help of our friends and community...that we were ready to head out on the road. with an overloaded RV a furry dog...and our hearts on our sleeves...we drove out of LA on a wing and a prayer...steadily heading for our first gig in sebastopol.

we were so tired...that we needed to sleep a few we pulled on the side of the road (at carl's jr.s!! 'rv's welcome here'....what paradigm have we just stepped into??) slept next to the 5 freeway - a river of trucks and cars - and woke up a few hours later to keep heading north.

we arrived in san anselmo at 4 in the afternoon...took a shower after not having one for 4 our instruments together, and continued driving north to sebastopol. we arrived at 6:30 pm to devi yoga center...met our percussionist Kim Atkinson (with whom we had never rehearsed!) and started our show at 7:30...!!!! Kim stepped in like he had always played with us, adding percussive textures and layers to our music that sounded like our studio album...he is truly a master.

the music flowed through our bones and bodies like it always had in the past...but this time it was different...there was a vibration of sound that spoke beyond our time/space was as if all the angels and ancestors showed up to conspire with support this major leap into LIFE that we had just taken ~

the response of the crowd was palpable...people were crying, singing, dancing, was an answer to a prayer of lifetimes.

i would like to say - thank you to all beings...seen and unseen...who are supporting this journey...we are so grateful to be sharing our passion, our hearts and our mission to bring healing music to you...the people...this music is for all who desire to listen...including the insects, animals, birds and beings of the ocean.

more posts to come...please drop us a note anytime as we appreciate your reflections...

we love you and look forward to seeing you at one of our shows soon!!