Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new moon sound healing and yin yoga this sunday evening in topanga...

this sunday...new moon yin yoga practice with the divine janice craig and sound healing offerings with ena vie and howard lipp at yoga desa in topanga canyon: 120 N Topanga Canyon Blvd
Topanga, CA 90290-3851 (310) 455-9551 go here for map and directions.

relax your body, mind and spirit as you dive deeply into the darkness of the new moon, and the spaciousness of yin yoga and devotional and medicine music...

this is an opportunity to take time for yourself, in a very safe space of support and beauty...come plant your seeds of intention and creativity in the last new moon of the year. let's prepare for 2011 with our prayers and practice.

come join us...we look forward to having you with us in topanga canyon...all are welcome!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What's coming this weekend...Ena Vie - MUSIC November 18th-21st

today...after 6 weeks of venus begin retrograde, i have experienced, (and many others i know as well!) an incredibly introspective, challenging, healing and revealing time! today Venus goes direct...along with jupiter...and now we get the opportunity to integrate all that has been placed upon our "soul table" for reflection and greater wisdom and understanding. This week...beginning today, i will be sharing my music in some healing, celebratory and spirit enriching events...i hope to see you there with me, joining in song, yoga, meditation practice and community support. much love...ena vie

starting tonight! November 18th 5:30-7:30pm @ Exhale Center for Sacred Movement
Venice, CA

Come and enjoy yoga tonight at 5:30 with Richard Wegman and special musical guests Ena Vie and Howard Lipp and David Watts. Fill your Heart with gratitude as we enter the season of giving thanks!!!

November 19th Friday night...8-12pm
The 3rd annual Giving Thanks to Shakti, will be happening tomorrow night, November 19 in Santa Monica, CA. The night will be an inspired evening of chanting, poetry and prayer that is open to both men and women to attend. Come play, party, celebrate, chant, give thanks, open your heart, meet new friends, share with the community and honor the Divine Feminine Shakti!

The event will be from 8 PM - 12 AM at Bhakti Yoga Shala located at 207 Arizona Avenue. Produced by The Yoga Doctors and the Yoga Studies Department @ LMU, the suggested donation is $15. All proceed will be donated to Off the Mat Into the World, Global Fund for Women and Healing the Mother Project to support the empowerment of women all over.

Live music artists include C.C. White, Terra Gold, Radha Rosen,
Ena Vie, Sheela Bringi, Denise Kaufman, Marla Leigh, Meena Makijani, Sita Devi and Melanie Hersch.

Poetry and Offerings from Camille Maurine, Vicki Noble, Laura Amazzone, Honeybee Henderson, Darshana Thacker and other surprises.

Hope you can be there...Jai Ma!!!


Sunday November 21st 6:30-8:30pm Yin Yoga with Janice Craig and Sound Healing with Ena Vie and Howard Lipp
join us in the beautiful canyon of topanga...dive deeply into your yin yoga and healing practice with medicine music to guide you safely into your heart.

for more information on ena vie's music...go here: www.enavie.com

for more info about venus going direct...go here: astrology papers

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ena Vie and her band LIVE - NOVEMBER 12th 7pm

Come out to the Premiere Movie Screening & Benefit for the movie "Titans of Yoga"

November 12th @ 7pm @ Loyola Marymount University - Ahmanson Auditorium

Featuring LIVE music with Ena Vie and her band...we hope to have you join us at this event!

go to www.titansofyoga.org for more detailed information...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bhakti fest 2010!!

home from bhakti fest!! what a beautiful and powerful weekend...singing the many names of god, in all the infinite forms...we sang all night, early morning, mid-afternoon....24/7 chanting from the heart...thanks goes to so many inspirational musicians, yogis and people...all sharing their hearts in devotion! and to those i sang with Joey Lugassy - Deepak Ramapriyan - Zat Baraka - Denise Kaufman & Lorin Roche for a place to create with the sutras & Eddie Young for bringing me into the Temple Bhajan Band!!

shanti shanti shanti hari ommmmmmm!!!

stay tuned for new music being dropped soon!!! love and more love....ena vie

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

india pilgrimage to goa & rishikesh...yoga with Nianna Bray...special musical guests Ena Vie with Howard Lipp

This is going to be a powerful, healing
and adventurous journey...we hope
you will join us as we dive deeply
into the loving waters of mother
india and pray, practice and sing
the new year in together!

much love...
ena vie & nianna bray



December 21st, 2010 January 2nd, 2011

Nianna Bray

and Musical Guests
Ena Vie
& Howard Lipp
Goa, South India goabeaxh
Rishiskesh, North Indiaganga
Whether this is the journey you have been
waiting for or a
new sparked flame of an idea...
MA INDIA IS CALLING YOU! She is the Divine
Mother who's sacred rivers heal and wash
you clean. Who's loving embrace holds
and nurtures us all. Dive into her oceans
and bath in her rivers. Dive into the d
of your own hearts longing, find what was
never lost and return to the source within.

"Follow your own footsteps. Learn from the
rivers, the trees and the rocks. Honor the
Christ, the Buddha, your brothers and sisters.
Honor the Earth Mother, and the Great Spirit.
Honor your Self and all of creation."

~Andean Shaman

About the Journey
Spend 13 days and 12 nights in the
mother land during the best time of the
year! This will be a journey of a thousand
lifetimes, one to ignite the fire inside and
quench the thirst for truth. India is all
about healing, she takes your prayers,
your sorrow, your doubt and turns them
into the blossoming flower of your hearts
greatest offering. Your life. Your life is
your art. We will explore temples, holy
sites, beaches, mountains, caves, the
river Ganga. We will relax with the locals
and immerse ourselves in a foreign culture
to gain a new perspective on life and
ourselves. There will be sacred music
offered daily by Ena Vie and Howard Lipp
to take you deeper into a healing space.
And of course lots of YOGA and Adventure!!

Goa December 21 - December 27th
Land in Goa, Southern India, for a relaxing
and rejuvenating 7 days 6 nights. Enjoy the
sound of the ocean as you sleep at night
in your quaint beach hut. Meens Arabian
Sea Resort is nestled on a private beach in
Mandrem. You will have ample time
deepen your yoga practice, relax on the
beach, explore, commune and
take it all in.

Palm trees
~Morning Sunrise Sadhana: Mediation,
pranayam, chanting, and musical
offerings with Ena & Howard every
~2 pranified yoga sessions per day with
Nianna Bray in the outdoor shala: Shakti
Vinyasa Flow in the morning, Yin Yoga &
relaxation in the evening.
~Day trip to Anjuna's famous outdoor
Wednesday market. A shopping
paradise of Indian delight and wonder
near the ocean.
~Visit local temples & shrines
~Carefree dancing to the sounds of
Global & local DJ's
~Ayurvedic treatments, massage and
sound healing available upon request.
~3 Delicious vegetarian meals included
in price with herbal teas straight from
the garden.
~Friendly and lovable staff who treat
you like family but nicer :)
~Option to rent a scooter and jam around
the green jungle of Goa...Liberation!!
For more info about Meems Resort and
the amenities visit

Rishikesh December 28th- January 2nd
Together we will journey up north to one
of the holiest cities in India. It is blessed every
year with wondering Sadhu, holy men, who
pilgrimage by foot to reach the Ganga in
the city of Rishikesh and bath in Her waters.
Staying in the lovely yet humble Raj Palace
Hotel we will have access to all the magic
and surprise Rishikesh has to offer.


~Morning Sunrise Sadhana: Meditation,
pranayam, chanting and musical offerings
with Ena Vie and Howard Lipp.
~ 2 pranified yoga sessions with Nianna
Bray: Shakti Vinyasa Flow in the
morning and Yin Yoga & Restorative
in the evening.
~Daily Sunset Aarti Puja on the river
Ganga with local priests.
~2 Guided Day Trips: We will pilgrimage
to the holy city Haridwar to bathe in
the Ganga and journey up to
Devprayag and Vaistha Cave where
the river Ganga flows from the Himalayas.
Sit in meditation, leave offerings and
prayers at the altar and be with the
energy of the Gods.
~3 vegetarian meals blessed and served
at the near by ashram.
~ Sound healing, massage, personal
excursions available upon request.
~Plenty of time to sit near the Ganga,
shop at the local market, visit local
temples and ahrams and sight see till
your heart is content. For more info on
the Raj Palace visit

Early registration before Sept 3rd 2010
$2300/person Double room
$2600/person Single room

Registration after Sept 3rd 2010
$2600/person Double room
$2900/person Single room

There is room for up to 22 people.
To reserve your spot you will need to give
a deposit of $500. Deposits are non-refundable,
no exceptions.
After your deposit, full payment
must be received by November. 1st, 2010.
Cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to
the retreat start date (after DECEMBER 7th, 2010)
are non-refundable unless you replace
yourself on the retreat.

*Price is all inclusive: Room accommodations,
three meals per day, 2 daily yoga sessions,
Sunrise music Sadhana sessions, 2 guided day
trips, & peace of mind.
*Price does not include airfare to and from
India. (Group flights may be arranged)
* (An additional $0 will be collected in India
to pay for taxi, driver tips, and travel services
within India
. The only additional money you
will need is for massage, ayurveda treatments,
optional excursions, or
shopping that you
may want to enjoy.)

TO REGISTER or inquire
email me!!! (nianna bray)

Yoga, Potluck and India Q & A
Wednesday August 18th, 2010 7:00pm
At my home in Mar Vista
RSVP for location details
we will discuss visas/passport, inoculations,
itinerary, finance, flights,
curiosities & concerns.
if you are at all interested in coming
you will want to come to this. It will make
things more clear for you and move you
in one direction or the other.
(There will be an incentive to register that
night so bring your check books!)
Ma India flyer

Sunday, August 1, 2010

sounds of the sacred ...ena vie events

August 5th -
Yin Yoga with Denise Kaufman
featuring the music of Ena Vie
@Exhale Center for Sacred Movement

August 7th -
Devotional music for
Annie Carpenter
Joey Lugassy with Ena Vie and friends and Special guest from India; Master Tabla player Prabhash Maharaj
Open to Public
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to be a part of the bhakti portion of Annie’s acclamied Teacher Training program
@Exhale Center for Sacred Movement

August 13th 9-11pm

With - Joey Lugassy - vocals/harmonium
special guest-Prabhash Maharaj - Tabla
Ena Vie - Vocals
Matt Pszonak - Guitar
Eddie Young - Cello, Bass

Suggested Donation: 15.00

Bring a pillow!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ways to support the oil spill in the gulf coast...

the oil spill in the gulf of mexico could be one of the worst man-made environmental disasters in history...and recently, i have been hearing people ask "how can i help? what can i do? the situation in the gulf of mexico is so overwhelming, and i am just one person...what can be done?"
well...below i have listed a few organizations that are on the front lines in an effort to support local groups that are working to clean up, support nature preserves and locally gathering resources and teams to help with this disaster. yes, we would all like to go there and help with this situation, but there are thousands of volunteers and organizations that need our help! and we can support them! so let's come together and share our resources with the greatest source of all...LIFE and our mother earth and ocean.

we can also offer this prayer together:

i'm sorry. please forgive me. i love you. thank you.

it is the ho'oponopono prayer of the huna tradition in hawaii...

ho'o/to bring about -

pono/correct, in perfect order -

ponopono/ attended to, connotes what is socially approved and desirable

The Nature Conservancy - Protecting nature, Preserving Life

The Nature Conservancy - Protecting Nature, Preserving Life.
The Nature Conservancy has committed to the long-term restoration work needed in the Gulf and states along its coast, and has launched their Fund for Gulf Coast Restoration to support this effort. The Fund was set up to aid in re-establishing critical habitats such as marshes, seagrass beds, oyster reefs, and coastal wetlands. You can text the word "coast" to 50555. That'll donate $10 through your mobile phone.

go here for more info: nature conservancy

The Greater New Orleans Foundation is the community foundation serving the 13-parish region of metropolitan New Orleans.


Designing and leading
initiatives to improve the region.

Connecting donors to
community needs.

Identifying and supporting
great nonprofit organizations.

Strengthening civil society.

Go to the link below to find out more about this great organization:

gulf oil spill fund


Support the front lines

Waterkeepers are the voice for the Gulf Coast's waters.

The Gulf Waterkeepers are our first line of defense against the BP oil disaster. Their incredible knowledge of the marshes, wetlands, beaches and inner-coastal waters make them invaluable first responders. Their commitment makes them critical and effective community leaders. Their wealth of scientific, legal and political expertise provides answers to the questions we have about our environment. Their dedication to a full recovery of the Gulf is unmatched.

Won’t you help them protect our Gulf coast and seek the truth about this disaster? Donate to the Gulf Waterkeepers’ efforts. Stay current with the updates from the Gulf Waterkeepers on the front lines. Spread the word by sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Return often for breaking news and ways you can Save Our Gulf.

The Gulf Waterkeepers need your help. Please support them by donating, and together, we can Save Our Gulf.