Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ways to support the oil spill in the gulf coast...

the oil spill in the gulf of mexico could be one of the worst man-made environmental disasters in history...and recently, i have been hearing people ask "how can i help? what can i do? the situation in the gulf of mexico is so overwhelming, and i am just one person...what can be done?"
well...below i have listed a few organizations that are on the front lines in an effort to support local groups that are working to clean up, support nature preserves and locally gathering resources and teams to help with this disaster. yes, we would all like to go there and help with this situation, but there are thousands of volunteers and organizations that need our help! and we can support them! so let's come together and share our resources with the greatest source of all...LIFE and our mother earth and ocean.

we can also offer this prayer together:

i'm sorry. please forgive me. i love you. thank you.

it is the ho'oponopono prayer of the huna tradition in hawaii...

ho'o/to bring about -

pono/correct, in perfect order -

ponopono/ attended to, connotes what is socially approved and desirable

The Nature Conservancy - Protecting nature, Preserving Life

The Nature Conservancy - Protecting Nature, Preserving Life.
The Nature Conservancy has committed to the long-term restoration work needed in the Gulf and states along its coast, and has launched their Fund for Gulf Coast Restoration to support this effort. The Fund was set up to aid in re-establishing critical habitats such as marshes, seagrass beds, oyster reefs, and coastal wetlands. You can text the word "coast" to 50555. That'll donate $10 through your mobile phone.

go here for more info: nature conservancy

The Greater New Orleans Foundation is the community foundation serving the 13-parish region of metropolitan New Orleans.


Designing and leading
initiatives to improve the region.

Connecting donors to
community needs.

Identifying and supporting
great nonprofit organizations.

Strengthening civil society.

Go to the link below to find out more about this great organization:

gulf oil spill fund


Support the front lines

Waterkeepers are the voice for the Gulf Coast's waters.

The Gulf Waterkeepers are our first line of defense against the BP oil disaster. Their incredible knowledge of the marshes, wetlands, beaches and inner-coastal waters make them invaluable first responders. Their commitment makes them critical and effective community leaders. Their wealth of scientific, legal and political expertise provides answers to the questions we have about our environment. Their dedication to a full recovery of the Gulf is unmatched.

Won’t you help them protect our Gulf coast and seek the truth about this disaster? Donate to the Gulf Waterkeepers’ efforts. Stay current with the updates from the Gulf Waterkeepers on the front lines. Spread the word by sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Return often for breaking news and ways you can Save Our Gulf.

The Gulf Waterkeepers need your help. Please support them by donating, and together, we can Save Our Gulf.