Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a prayer to our mother ocean

Low rising crescent moon
Above the horizon where
The ocean meets you
Venus sits above your stoop
And I humbly bow
as I recognize your power
The oceans are burning now
The dolphins dive their last descent
Into the dark, black stench of gases surging
The whales are breeching
in the rainbow colored sea
that is not its color by nature
the waters are drowning in gallons of oilthat we pierced and now
these are our transgressions…
she is hemorrhaging...
her wounds may not be restored
for a long, long time...
and tonight, my heart is in agony over this death-
over the many deaths of the winged ones, the finned ones…
And those celestial beings…
Who came from pleiades to bring harmony
and peace to the earth
they dove into the sea from the sky
carrying eternal knowledge and ancient wisdom in their dnato awaken in us our divine expression
and now…they gasp at their last breath, they take their final plunge
into the mother that birthed us and who is now dying…
My soul clings to the edge of the moon
As she sinks into her hammock
Hanging between venus and mars
Waiting to become her full expression again

Oh Great Spirit…mysterious one…creator of all things…
Keepers of the west and the thunder beings
Keepers of the north and the elders who hold the knowledge
Keepers of the east where the sun rises and the eagle soars
Keepers of the south…the blood of the mother, the womb of our beginning
I cry out to all the people…the stones, the forests, the winged ones, the four-leggeds and those in the oceans…
To those who have walked before us, and who will walk after us…
To those seen and unseen…
I pray for assistance now…
Teach us to live more simply
to walk softly and to live in a good way…
To the Star nations, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon
I give thanks to you for lighting our way in times of darkness.

Aho...all my relations!

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