Wednesday, February 4, 2009

indigenous rights, president obama and the UN

it is time for all people to have the right of representation in politics, especially indigenous peoples. while president obama is merely human, and there are a lot of "messes" for him to clean up...let's help him by taking initiative for those who do not have a "voice" and yet have maintained a relationship with traditional wisdom that is beneficial for our survival as a species. 

there have been presidents in the past who have said they would sign the UN petition and did not. this petition would preserve the wisdom and knowledge of the indigenous and tribal peoples of this planet and give them a voice to guide us towards a greater understanding of our inter-connectedness with all living beings...may we take a stand and join the other countries who have chosen to support human rights and prohibit discrimination...!!  go here to read more about what the president of bolivia, evo morales, has to say about a non-violent indigenous movement for representation and recognition for human rights, land and self-determination.

here is the link to find out more about this UN document.

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