Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the queen of the forest

here's to the queen of the forest...
the master teacher who stops at nothing
revealing the truth behind our illusions
while bringing her children home
here's to the redirection of distortion
of our soul's sickness-
and her supreme medicine
bringing our essence into full bloom
here's to the gift of the star nations
illuminating our true nature
healing the water of our cells
and of the earth
the ancient wisdom revealed
beyond the ideas of what we've been told
here's to the cosmic serpent
twisting her way into our dna
dissolving what we thought was reality
into ash and dust
and unveiling a universe within
so vast, so compassionate
we are transformed instantly
here's to the earth and the stars
the feminine and the masculine
the yin and the yang
and the union of all things
here's to the queen of the forest
her subtlety and fierce passion
whose love compares to nothing
and whose presence heals all

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