Friday, March 27, 2009

diving into the sound of bhav...

this morning i awoke to the memory of a "bad dream"...emotions were heavy, as my prayers of the last week were being answered..."may the conditioning of my past unwind, and may i live freely in the now...and may all beings live freely in the now." so my dream was filled with emotions that i have been in the process of surrendering to source: fear, worry, doubt, uncertainty. i drove up the winding pacific coast highway this morning towards yoga class, and i traced the emotions of my dream and saw how they had wound their way up into my memories, my emotional "reactors" and mental projections. gliding in to yoga class, we began with the yoga of sound, bhakti...sending songs of devotion out from our hearts and voices and into the ethers...sounding out the now while unwinding what has been and what is not in alignment with source ~ source of life, source of truth, source of love and source of freedom. sound can be elevating, healing and uplifting...sound is also ancient, new and unpredictable. sound is structured, metered and spontaneous. om... an audible utterance of this primordial sound produces a sense of sacredness as well as an understanding of our interconnectedness to all life. after an hour and a half of yogic postures, we ended where we began, in the silky, smooth wine of sound. we all sang our hearts to life, our voices chanting an age-old language that is filled with devotional praise. unwinding my body, unwinds my mind, which in turn unwinds the memories and allows my emotions to act from the present. walking out of yoga this morning, the dream scape had slipped away, the emotional past of the dream had unraveled and i returned to the center of who i am, re-membering the source of all things. namaste.

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