Sunday, March 29, 2009

finding your voice...finding your path

in french, there is a saying..."when you find your voice you find your seeing (path), and when you find your seeing (path) you find your voice."

there is a play on words that cannot be translated in english, however, when i was living in france, i enjoyed this saying because of how connected our seeing and speaking really is. the more i speak my truth, the clearer the path lies ahead, and the clearer the path, the easier it is to speak my truth.

i have found that life has many "distractions"...and many of these distractions can be attractive, even seductive, drawing me away from who i really am or what i really love to do. at first glance, they appeal to my senses, lulling me towards something that, on the surface, appears attractive, taking me down rabbit holes where i 'think' i may want to be or need to be, etc. but in the end, i find that it is not what i love about life, it only feigned to be.

as my mind becomes more in alignment with my other words, the more my mind lives in service to my heart and the "great mystery" of all things, surrendering to what i love...the more at ease i am with life...walking, playing, being and creating with a freedom, i am discovering, is beyond any ideas of what i thought life could be.

artist...Giovanni Rubaltelli

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