Thursday, March 26, 2009

why i am a "miracle walking"

a few years ago...i was sharing with a friend of mine about my life and the experiences i lived both as a child and a young adult. i shared about my encounters with religion, spiritual communities and other traditions that i had delved in and out of as a way to heal from my own mental and emotional conditioning, as well as a way to discover other modalities which could assist me in bridging my mind with my essence, re-discovering my relationship to Source. in the process of sharing, i began to realize that what i had lived, and was living in the present, was miraculous, and i then said, "in fact, i am a miracle walking." that night, after our conversation, i went home and wrote the song, "miracle walking" which is featured on my new album, from within. this song is very special to me because while it is a reflection of what was...or has is also a discovery of what expression of who i am NOW, and this is the miracle. i hope you enjoy it as much as i do...thanks for listening and sharing in the power of music as an expression of healing and love.

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