Monday, November 30, 2009

ena vie's radio interview in the UK!!!

if you missed this event...
you can listen to it here:

(this is a big file!!)

In a Special Pre Recorded Interview, Join DJ Yorkie and Ena Vie Friday 27th November 2pm EST, 7pm UK time. Featuring tracks from her wonderful Album "From Within"

Singer/songwriter, poet, guitarist, artist and nomad, ena’s message and presence is powerfully evocative. born and raised in laguna beach, california, ena was infused with a deep connection to the elements which she seamlessly weaves throughout her music, art and life.

finding inspiration in cultures, traditions, poetry, music, ceremony, the landscape of this planet along with the wisdom of the elders and their medicine, ena dances through life with her feet on the ground and her face to the sun, moon and stars.

A mystical storyteller, ena’s lyrics are introspective and experiential while simultaneously reflecting the freedom, joy and love in all of us. ena’s music and presence exudes this as well. traveling and living in many countries, ena has performed in a variety of bands and genres. her music expresses this mosaic of influences ranging from rock, blues, pop and folk to indigenous beats and traditional chants.

On Friday 27th DJ Yorkie and Ena will be exploring the life of this facsinating and wonderful Singer/Songwriter and on the week leading upto the broadcast of this interview, DJ Yorkie will be playing excerpts from her fantastic Album.

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