Friday, December 4, 2009

this weekend...2 great events...see you there ~

this saturday...December 5th

10am-1pm...come join us @ Modern OM...

This Saturday is our 2nd annual Yoga Mala for the Tree of Life Yoga School. Last year, we raised $2,000. This year my goal is to raise $3,000. Please come and join us, if you want to participate in the mala or just to come show your support and give your energy. Our good friends Cyrus, Zat, Ena Vie and Momo will be doing kirtan to keep the energy up. So even if you just come to support, you can join in the chanting.

Proceeds go towards "Healing the Mother". A women's education project. Helping the women in the city of Vizag to achieve their dreams through education, yoga and job skills, allowing them to create a foundation for self fulfillment and self reliance and to become empowered members of their community. By helping empower the women, we empower the children and families they help support. Tree of Life Yoga School & Community is a 501(c)3 corp.

I will be leaving on Dec 25th for India, you are all invited to come join the service project "Healing the Mother" to open Sri Lalita School for Women's Empowerment at Devipuram Ashram Feb 10-22, 2010.

Modern Om is located at 13452 Washington Blvd (just east of Lincoln) Venice, CA 90291

Thank you for your support,

Psalm Isadora

Experience a rare opportunity to say 'yes' to this voice within, to return to our natural state of reverence for all things. Allow yourself to be overcome with awefor all of life's expressions... a feeling akin to falling in love or feeling like a child again.

From this space we
overflow with reverence and express it by cherishing every moment, every breath, every interaction. Everyone in the room becomes a mirror of you, and suddenly 'namaste' is no longer just a word. It is an experience. The essence within you is honored by each man and woman, and it fuels your genuine acknowledgment of the essence of them.

We will draw from the 112 Meditations from theVighyan Bhirav Tantra which use breath, movement, sound, visualization, and simple partner exercises.

This is an
opportunity to explore reality, awaken to the present and be deeply nourished by life. The ritual is an offering, a shedding of our limiting beliefs... making way for a simple delight rarely experienced in our modern times.

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