Sunday, December 27, 2009

avatar...the movie for a new paradigm

Just saw avatar… I know I will see it again, soon, and maybe a few times, in the theater. This movie had the same impact on me that The Matrix did, in that it was/is a 'game changer' for films on many levels, as well as a statement, and possibly (hopefully) a paradigm shifter. This movie is an example of how positive messages can be sent through the visual medium of films...Not that the story line is new, dominance vs. the peaceful, or that we haven't already seen this in history before...greed, colonization, imperialism, is a sad, yet realistic quality of human nature. And yet, the story of Avatar shows, through the eyes of 'jake sully', the marine, who could be someone like you or me, that many of us have been conditioned by the group mind of deceit, power and greed. We have forgotten our connection to the earth, to all beings, and when Sully begins to have a relationship with the Navi people, they initiate him, and he begins to have his own understanding of his relationship to ALL things, to life, to the earth, to the cosmos. Not only were the special effects incredible, i was brought 'into' the film, particularly through the use of 3D, and into the world of pandora, and the navi. Of course, the beauty and imagination of the creators and animators...James Cameron and his team are powerfully creative!!

This movie is about so many emotions, ideas, imagination...and mostly, for me, it is about our relationship with life, the earth and all its inhabitants, and how greed and the selfish ego can destroy this connection and cause us to forget who we are if we are seduced by that which is not in alignment with the balance of ALL THINGS.

this is a great movie to bring in the new year, the new decade and a reminder of what our ancestors have always known...that we are the children of the earth, here to be stewards of the land and to honor our relationship with all beings, including ourselves, cohabiting together...not overpowering in the name of greed or ego, but to be living in harmony.

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