Saturday, November 14, 2009

niagra moon falls...

painting by pablo amaringo

i bathe my soul
in the waters of the moon
standing in her presence
i bow to her wisdom
listening to the call
that is
beyond what i see around me-
the comfort
the ease
the walls
that surround this heart
have begun to disintegrate
now ripening...deepening
going further into the place
of pain and rebirth
liminal space
the place in between
what was- is no longer numinous
what will be- is left to mystery
break me open!
through what appears to be an ending
may my heart shine wide and broad
pure and strong
as the darkness of the unknown
beckons me into its caverns...
leading me into the streams
of compassion and healing
oh lord of the underworld
goddess of the night
reveal my wounds and betrayals...
that i might trust...
and thus become this truth!
illuminate my strength
through your children, the stars
as they shower upon me
crying out...
"let go
let go
let go
of all that you see outside you!"
now the sun of self rises...out of the ashes
blossoming in the profound waters
flowing deeply, yet subtly
taking root in the mud of the mother
the new moon of my shadow
revealing the death of the other...
the stars sing as they shine
around me...
"the sun is up...the sky is blue...
it's beautiful...and so are you..."

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