Monday, November 16, 2009

ena vie's music...

hello to my friends and fans...

some news from the indie music train...we are moving forward, step by step...and this movement is taking us out onto the radio airwaves...via internet, AM and now FM radio!!!

we can be heard in Canada, US and Europe!

this is exciting news, and i am happy to share with you that this music with a vision, with a message of love and intention, with some great rockin' grooves is comin' your way, slowly but surely...

wanted to put a shout out to all of you who are listening, sharing and enjoying the music...thank you!!!

keep sharing and listening so that this music can reach the hearts of all those who want to be inspired and uplifted by passionate and folky, funky music!

if you are already a fan...and you would like to share with me how my music has inspired you, please do so, and the person who writes me the most expressive letter...i will send you some!!!

love and gratitude!!

ena vie

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