Wednesday, May 13, 2009

post YouTube...and more music...

so i want to thank all of you who have supported my YouTube music video of "big enough"...thanks for all the hits, 100,000!!! the comments, the love and for sharing with your has been quite a week or so for me and the music, and i am forever grateful!!

also...VH1's reality show, "tough love" boosted our "real estate" on the web, and now there are more of you who are finding out about the music, and this is great, as this is the intention of the music in the first get it out 'there' and into the ears and hearts of those who want to hear it.

i have been very busy these last few weeks, working on songs for some upcoming indie films as well as collaborating with some artists on two cd' exploration into the chants and songs of the earth that i have collected over the past 10 or more years of my life. i have spent time with many different traditions and tribes as well as studying with medicine people from these traditions, and while i was studying for my MA in indigenous studies, some of the teachers encouraged me to sing the music of the earth. so in the middle of promoting my new album 'from within' and working on my 2nd album of my own work...this project has surfaced. i am singing songs in sanskrit, hebrew, native american tribal songs and south american medicine songs. this work is really a compilation of all the songs that i have gathered from the traditions that i have worked with by living either in the country of these traditions or by sitting in ceremony for many years with powerful guides, teachers and medicine men and women.

i feel very blessed and grateful to be doing what i love and loving what i do and sharing it with those who want to listen.

thank you for joining me on this journey of music, creativity and healing...

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  1. I love this song and I'll definitely be buying your album. You remind me of a more indie Sara Barielles.