Sunday, May 3, 2009

my song "big enough" featured tonight on VH1's "tough love" 10pm!!

i have some great news straight from the indie music train...! my song "big enough" from my new album 'from within' is going to be featured on VH1's reality series "tough love," the final episode, which airs sunday, may 3rd, at 10pm! a few people have already bought the album. Here is a link to get the mp3 from Amazon.

i am so excited!! so much so, that i decided, along with the producer of my album, to film a music video. this video was my first music video ever to film, and i was laughing and goofing around during 75% of filming it. i am more familiar with singing in front of people, and interacting with an audience, so singing to a camera, was a little awkward, and i was wishing you, or at least an audience were there to hear it, live. however, because we decided to do this in one weekend, and do it ourselves(!!), i just decided to have a good time. yes...there were many moments i felt like a huge dork, (that's probably because i am a huge dork!) and yes, my dog "sweetums" was there to give me support; it is her debut music video as please, be kind in your comments about her!

this song, "big enough" is very special to me. i wrote it at one of my favorite beaches, north of malibu, and when i was finished writing the lyrics, i picked up my guitar and started putting it to a melody. i played it for a few minutes, and suddenly, i looked up and out in the rolling waves, there were a handful of dolphins bobbing their heads and "watching" me. they stayed there as i continued to write my song, so as soon as it seemed finished, i decided to try out my song on them. i played the song from start to finish, and when i was done, they all seemed to play in the waves, and then they dove deeply into the water and swam away. i was blown away...mostly because that is one of the best audiences i have ever had...and also because it seemed like they enjoyed listening to me play.

the other reason this song is so special to me is that i wrote it from a place of deep inquiry, particularly a religious one, based on a lifetime of my own exploration into many different traditions, religions and cultures in a variety of countries. from my travels and experiences, i discovered how limiting and dogmatic extreme religious beliefs can be. when the great mystery, source, great spirit, god, higher power or whatever you choose to call "it" is limited to a word, a box, a book or a mosque, a church or synagogue, then the mystery of life can be squelched by absolutism and limited thinking. this is not to say that places of worship are "wrong" or "bad," at the same time however, there is no limit to infinity...and with the mind's tendency to be attached to absolutism, for a myriad of reasons, "us" and "them" thinking is nurtured. the travesty about the expression of this attachment, is that the result has been and often is war, abuse, violence, black and white thinking and hostility toward others who do not believe a certain way. in reality, a mystery is just that...unknown, and throughout human history, we have explored a myriad of ways to connect with ~ that which cannot be fully understood or known. all over the planet, there is diversity of life, why would there not be diversity of perspective, beliefs and practices? to say to one group that this is the only way is limiting the infinite, which inherently cannot be limited.

so...this song is an inquiry of the human imprint onto the spiritual...and how we have tried since we have been here on this planet, to figure it out and force others to believe one way or another. it has been my experience that each religion, tradition and culture brings a unique view, as well as one more piece to the cosmic puzzle that is extraordinarily awe-inspiring.
as my song asks ~

how high can you go?
how deep is your flow?
how wide are your dreams tonight?
how high can you go?
and how deep is your flow?
how wide are your loving arms tonight?

thanks for reading, hope you will take a listen to "big enough" and enjoy the music and video!!


  1. Brilliant, Ena! I'm proud of you and loved on the song. Glad to be your new friend! :) Mehrdad