Monday, April 13, 2009

let's get lost in the call...

let's get lost in the call...
the call of the wild
the call of the soul...
listen ~ can you hear it?
listen again,
deeper still...
whispering to you
across desert lands
those tired places of the soul
that took time to exhale
while the other parts ran rampant
the seeker hears the call
the lover and the beloved become one...
looking for love overcame ~
and those walls of death and life
n'existez pas
and now ~
the call expands,
ever-widening still.

i can't sleep without you...
and when you are with me,
we never sleep ~
how beautiful this sleeplessness!
i join those who serve you,
they sit around the blazing fire
their dark, desert eyes burn
with passion for you...
their cloaks, sandals,
even their skin
radiates a love like no other -
and they welcome me,
"come closer to us,
so that you may smell
the beloved upon us...
and in so doing, be reminded
of why you have come here,
it is for the same reason
that we have come."
the sound of a flute
rides the wind...
spiraling its way across
the sandy dunes ~
into my heart.
"this is what has awakened you
tonight...and every night."
and those who are sleeping?
what of those who -
haven't drunk from your wine?
haven't sung in your choir?
haven't danced in your arms?
"listen to the flute,"
the wise ones whisper
"and don't take your eyes off the fire,
the sound will guide you, as it always does,
deep into the heart of the matter,
wrap yourself in the beloved,
and always wear his clothes."

let's get lost in the call
the call of the wild
the call of the soul...
let's stay up late -
watching the moon rise,
as she drips her madness
over the mountains...

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