Friday, April 17, 2009

the green master teacher

she said, "it's time you learn from us, it's time you learned from all of us." i wondered how i got here, in front of this shining, brilliant being of a goddess, or a priestess or a queen. i was not sure which one she was, maybe she was all of them, maybe she was something else altogether. let me back up a bit. earlier in the journey, on my way to the queen, i was visited by a large group of green sentinels...friendly sentinels, yet sentinels nonetheless. they were very welcoming, and without really saying much, they let me know that i was on my way to greet their queen, and they had been told to bring me to her. before arriving at her throne, i was shown a few obstacles to be removed before meeting her, and this was an interesting adventure for me.

a merkaba had descended just above my body, and from the center of it, which was many different shades of green, a spiraling wind lifted some old pain and stories out of my chest, and took it out into the cosmic wind. i watched it all rise and then go...and as this was all leaving, there were many medicine men dancing around me...playing flutes and singing songs of healing. i was so enamored by all of this that i didn't realize just how constricted my chest has been by the blockages of energy, manifested by limited breathing.

"how long have my lungs been blocked?" i wondered, yet not for long, as the green men continued leading me through all different mazes, villages and valleys of sky, green mountains, rivers, flowers and beings...all shining in their differing hues and shades of this glorious color.

finally, we arrived at the throne of the queen goddess. i don't remember her face, but her voice and her presence filled the place, filled my consciousness, was the consciousness. she spoke directly to me, and told me many beautiful and wonderful things. she gave me insights into my life, where i am going, how to use my gifts and expression of my essence. i was enthralled with her; she was so easy to communicate with, she was so gentle, soft and approachable, unlike other master teachers i have met.

"thank you," my heart cried, and i bowed as i walked away, still facing her, until i was far enough away to turn around and follow the green men to greater dimensions and deeper visions.

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