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yogamates interview

Hello my friends~

i am currently interviewed on yogamates at this link below:


you can listen to a song..."big enough" as well as get to know me a little bit better! i hope you go over there and have a read, a listen and check out more of the music at:
ena "from within"

yogamates is a community website featuring yoga teachers, musicians, yoga studios, events,'s a great place to connect with the yoga community and others who are interested in health, wellness and YOGA.

here is the written interview:

Interview with ena Vie
YM: When did music first find you?
In the womb, I grew up with music always around me. My mother and father were always singing and playing music in the house. My grandparents on both sides were professional musicians. I sang in choirs, school plays and musicals. I have always been performing and singing.

YM: Describe your music.
My music is uplifting and exploratory with a positive message and great grimy grooves that take the listener on a journey. Each song I sing tells a story, while each song has its own personality where you can find folk, rock, pop, country, trance, blues and tribal influences everywhere on my album. It all starts at the root chakra with the groove and rises up from there.

YM: Is making music a spiritual process for you?
Absolutely!! Singing, creating, writing and performing, are all a spiritual process, just like life. My spiritual connection with the source of all life continues to inspire me, this process is an act of surrender to that source. It is always spiritual, and I feel more alive in this place than any other.

YM: What inspires your music?
The rhythm of life and the story of day to day living and healing from the present and the past is my inspiration. To me, learning what it means to be human, in all aspects from relationships, and the joys and challenges of daily life to finding my place in the constantly evolving yet cosmic order of all things, inspires me.

YM: What is your favorite part of being a musician?
I believe that being a musician is like being a court jester…I write about my perspective and then sing it for those who want to listen. Being in this “space,” the place of an observer, and simultaneously a performer, is probably my favorite aspect of being a musician. I love the ability to evoke powerful emotions in the listener as my experience and journey of healing triggers the same in others.

YM: What does your spiritual practice look/sound like? Do you practice yoga?
My spiritual practice is about surrender…surrendering to something bigger than me, bigger than I can imagine, bigger than I know. The mystery of life is that it retains its mystery…it is not something I figure out, but an adventure I discover daily, with gentleness, humor, love and respect. Yoga has taught me that my breath is the most important thing to follow and return to. My mind rests in the breath, and my heart opens to life.

YM: What makes your sound unique?
I believe that each artist’s sound is unique because each artist is unique. Rumi says, “there are a million ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” For each person on this planet, there is a unique song, and I believe that my music expresses my unique song, my perspective of life, written from experiences that have taught me to grow as a person and to celebrate the process. I like to blend all my influences…from folk and rock, to funk and acoustic. I follow each song where it leads me while simultaneously opening myself to collaboration with others, (my incredibly talented producer for one!) for deeper creative input. This has been an experience of complete surrender to the greater message of each song.

YM: What do you hope to convey and express in your music?
My intention is to communicate what I have learned in my discovery of life in each moment. Through this expression, I have chosen time and again to be honorable to my essence and my authenticity, and this is the greatest gift I can give to myself, to others and to life.

YM: Where can we find out more about you?


And on itunes!!! look for me as ena "from within"

namaste and thanks for all the love and support!

talk to y'all soon...


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