Thursday, January 22, 2009

big enough~

now, more than ever, this moment in history, is a time when we can all take responsibility for ourselves: using our gifts, our talents, our insights, our wisdom and begin to live from the place within, the place of our deepest wisdom. it is a time when we are realizing that working together, to support the expression of who we really are, is a reality, and a necessity.
"big enough" the first song on my new album, "from within" is about not needing to look outside of ourselves for any validation, but instead, recognize that there is no church, no mosque, no synagogue, no book, no box and no word that can contain the great mystery of life...and this we have access to within our hearts. living from the heart is when we live life to our greatest potential because from the center, there is no limitation, there is nothing stopping the flow of creativity, love, wisdom, insight and strength!

here are the lyrics...a little bigger so you can read them!

no box
no book
no word
is big enough
no mosque
no church
and no synagogue

so how high can you go?
how deep is your flow?
and how, wide are your dreams tonight?

the moon
the sun
they breathe life to everyone
and the flames of fire
quench my desire
and the stars
in the sky
they are bringing me insight
and the waves of water
wash me over


i am your daughter
i speak the great mother
i live as a woman in humanity
i am your sun/son
and i speak for all the great ones
i live in the center of humanity
yes i do


hey la la hey hey


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