Saturday, October 10, 2009

Several excuses are always less convincing than one. ~Aldous Huxley

i don't have enough money, i am too old, i'm not hip enough, i don't have the coolest clothes, i don't have the right representation, i don't have the hippest music video, i don't have a d cup, my lips are too small, i've waited too long, i'm not sexy enough, it'll take too long, i'm gonna be too exposed, it may be risky, i'm not as good as..., i'll never be as well known as..., there's too much to do, it is overwhelming, everyone else is doing it and i can't, it doesn't feel safe, i don't have the drive that it takes, i don't have enough time, i'm not wired for it, i can't figure it all out before i do it, they may not like it, you may not like this post! i may not be able to deliver, i can't be right all the time, i can't control the outcome, i am too tired, i don't have enough energy, i can't fix it, i can't live up to my own standards...and on and on and on...

then...i's all about the heart, the passion, the soul, the love...the music. this inspires me to keep going...inspite of and because of the excuses...i see that these excuses are here to call me out of my past, beyond my patterns and to get on with living...because life, love and music is bigger than me, is bigger than what i can or cannot do or is not about focusing on the excuses, life is about what i do along with the excuses...will i step through them and follow my passion? or will i be swallowed up by them and believe all the FEAR?

a good friend shared this with me recently...fear is:

F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal

my life is my own...what i do or be with it, and all my excuses, is up to me, not up to what my fears say or what someone else says, does or sees about me...i am responsible for the quality of my life, the passion, the inspiration, the expression and the this space, life really begins...

will you join me?

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