Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rusty's Surf Ranch this Saturday, July 25th @ 9:30 pm

hello my's been a while since i have written. so much is going on in the heat of the summer sun, and i am grateful and blessed to be celebrating life in all its infinite complexities and joyous celebrations.

speaking of celebrating, i am playing this saturday night, July 25th, at Rusty's Surf Ranch @ 9:30 pm on the Santa Monica Pier. it should be a good time as i will be playing songs from my newest album, "from within" with my great band in the middle of some fun summertime pier action, so come on out and celebrate with me in life, creativity, music and joy.

this is going to be my last official gig of the summer as i am heading out on the trail of adventure and exploration for august (traveling!!) as well as gettin' back in to the studio to write and record. so much has been's time to create some more tunes and bring them to life and to you!!

thanks for all your love and support...i know many of you have been writing me and sharing how you are enjoying "big enough" keep writing me notes and share the song with your's all about givin' the love.

hope to see you out there in the live arena...both on stage and off...and here's to the rest of the summer...may its harvest be great and bountiful for you and all those you love.

~ ena

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