Monday, June 15, 2009

the alchemy of integration

the stone people embedded
along the coast of big sur
where the magic of esalen
and transformation occur

the rugged cliffs
and jagged mountains
of earth and sky, ore and sea
the waves are crashing against the shoreline
with power, passion and dignity

the music of the ancients
elevates my soul
my voice weaves into the ethers
as their fire forges me whole

dancing with the troubadours
singing the divine
imbibing the healing waters
like a mellowed, french wine

the dream of deep fulfillment
here is becoming realized
in community i am sustained
interdependence mobilizes

the winding road of the hero's return
is not clear, c'est pas evident
the blissful ambrosia given by the gods
must be transmuted into the present moment

the beauty and joy now revealed from it all
as i wind my way back from shangri-la ~
the time has come to transport the gifts
from the mines of the great divide

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