Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ena Vie on TOUR...Updates from the road #9

we are in the valley of the moon...or called by the indigenous peoples as, the valley of many moons...deep in the heart of sonoma, ca, where wine flows, vineyards roll across the landscape like the clouds that float across the sky, and we feel at home here, at least for the time that we are staying here.

what a gift it is to land somewhere, especially as we have been on the road for now going on 6 months! and...i think the tour has finally caught up with me, but i will get to that in a minute.

the month of september was spent at bhakti fest, LA shows/workshops, a trip to Florida, where we met many new friends in Melbourne and Cocoa and had the help of a new friend support us in sharing our MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA with the East coast! we can't wait to go back next spring, and create an east coast tour.

we returned to southern california for a moment, organized our things, got rid of more stuff that has been in storage and headed to northern california for more shows in the bay area. fairfax, sebastopol, sonoma, soquel and harbin hot springs to name a few places where we have played since we have been up here...and now, we are recording in this mystical valley in sonoma. it was once populated with miwok, pomo and wintun tribes until they were displaced by europeans. the story of the name of the valley goes something like this:
According to the Miwok tribes that lived in the valley, and the Pomo, it meant "valley of the moon" or "many moons". White settlers may have accidentally translated the words "many moons" into "valley of moons". Miwok legends say that the moon seemingly rose from this valley, or was "nestled" in the valley, or may have even sprung up multiple times in one night.

it seems that there have been many moons since we have arrived here. and this week, with the new moon in scorpio, there have been dimensional shifts, lunar inspirations and revelations within my heart and perceptions that i am grateful for and they will probably show up in a song or two down the road. we are diving deeply into letting go...asking for the light of love, the light of divinity and truth to shine on all the places that no longer serve us...and now we are making new contracts. 

the place where we began is not where we are now, and yet i am reaching back in time, more and more, with compassionate love and acceptance, and offering healing to those displaced parts of myself, and standing in the present moment, with the assistance of future guides and wisdom of myself, knowing that all these different dimensions inform this moment.

i have been sick for the past week or so...and being sick is no fun. i was pretty much in bed for 5 days, and after not getting sick at all on the road, i guess it finally caught up with me, my body wanted to have space and time to release the stress of living on the road, of not knowing where we are staying or playing or driving...and this past week or so, i have had time to reflect, write, remember, dream and release that which no longer serves me. what a gift...i am grateful to have my health, and while getting a cold is nothing compared to other levels of pain and suffering, it did cause me to take pause. we have been traveling through so many worlds, communities and realities...and it seems that it was time for me to gather some of it up, let go of what isn't serving and meditate on my breath...allowing for this to be the guide.  

so many shifts are happening for many people right now, it seems that the light is reaching into the darkest of places, whether it is on the economic front, the spiritual front, emotional, political or physical front, everything is up for renegotiation...and this means healing and transformation at times, and it also can mean resistance, conflict, misunderstandings and frustration.

in the midst of change and flux...i am learning to continue to keep doing what i helps me stay centered on what is important, stay connected with my heart and to pay attention to the direction my attention needs to stay attuned to.

our next and last show will be on the 4th of november at rudramandir in berkeley at 8pm. we are looking forward to playing here as we have been working towards this venue all summer it seems. we are ready to light the candle of our music, and send it out to those who will be joining us in this beautiful venue...if you can't make it, or don't live in the area...go check out their website...RUDRAMANDIR and we hope you can make is going to be a beautiful show with special guests Kim Atkinson on percussion, Howard Lipp on keyboards, and yours truly on guitar and vocals...with some hand drums and percussion thrown in for a treat.

wishing you a blessed dance into the deepest stage of autumn, as the leaves fall from the trees, turning golden oranges and yellows, the veils between worlds become thinner and the connection with our ancestors and guides is felt more acutely as the days become shorter. 

until next time...

aloha and blessings -

Ena Vie