Friday, July 8, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour....Updates from the road #5 (part 1)

so much has transpired over the last month since i wrote...and much of it will stay in the mystic ethers of my memories and of the dreamscape in which it seems to have all transpired...

last i wrote we were preparing to take off to the big island of hawaii. we arrived in hilo on the 11th and we dove deeply into the jungle of mama pele...her volcanic land called us immediately into her depths, and the soundscape of the island, from the coqui frogs to the trade winds to the crashing waves and the lunar eclipses all contributed to what turned out to be an other-worldly experience.

two weeks of resting, writing, creating, meditating and expanding our hearts was well needed, and very appreciated. we spent time in the water, swimming with the dolphins, climbing around the volcanic rocks and making deeper relations with the spirits and plants of the big
island. we were blessed to spend time with a dear aunty and kahuna who introduced us to more spirit beings of the water and encouraged us to look into spending more time on the
islands...which we are happy to do! so much to integrate with all that happened while we were in hawaii...and most of it seems, in this moment, to be asking to stay in the dream realms, the inner space where it is asking to be integrated and kept in the heart of matters.

some things are meant to be processed before explaining or this is where the 'hawaii - encounter' is asking to stay at this the space of process and dreaming.

one of the many things we made deeper relations with while we were in hawaii was
water...from natural volcanic ponds, to rain showers, to the powerful ocean, to small rivers and
beyond...water was really showing up more for me on the big island than ever before...years ago i lived on the kona side of the big 'I' and i had the opportunity to create a deeper relationship with mama pele, the goddess of the volcano, who is very active and fiery, and while many believe her to be an older spirit, compared to the water spirits, she is very young...she is still creating herself!

from hawaii...we flew back to nor play at the 'Mothership' Heart Bliss gathering in Healdsburg before we were heading to Yosemite for a week. what a beautiful and colorful group of light beings we encountered! we arrived late sunday night...straight from the islands and the redwoods of santa the deeper forest of northern santa rosa...a home in the
middle of nowhere ...yet taking all the beings everywhere...wherever they chose to go...we had a beautiful set, in the wee hours of the night...we went on at 2:30 am and we played for about an hour...and it was so powerful to share our music with hearts that were wide and open to the sound and the friends and fans are such a gift, and we thank all the new peeps we met up north...thank you for the love!

straight from the mothership we headed to yosemite...not without first getting stopped by a police woman for no apparent reason than we looked like me may have just left the
'mothership'...she pulled us over for one thing, that wasn't happening, and gave us a fix it ticket for something else that wasn't broken...while i applaud and give thanks for the police department for all their hard work and their service to our cities and was a bit
curious to be pulled over for one thing when it seemed she was looking for something or someone else...well...perhaps she needed some of the bliss energy we all took in over the weekend!

so we headed off to yosemite...the land of granite, pines, madrones, rivers, waterfalls and a host of childhood memories from spending many summers in the valley and the back country of tuolumne. yosemite was 5 days spent with family and friends. we had a bear come in our campsite, where i was face to face with a 2 year old bear, who was going through our trash and i told him to move on. he looked at me, cocked his head, and walked away...he was so cute i forgot he was a bear...that same morning, there was a freak summer rain storm, that caused the river to rise over 4 feet and we were eventually told to leave our campsite as over 14 sites were flooded. after spending time in hawaii with the water spirits, i knew that water was still expressing itself and revealing herself to me and howard, and we were happy to listen and take note.

eventually we went back to our campsite, but we were quite humbled by the power of water and how quickly it can transform, flood, overtake, fill up and transform the earth.

yosemite water falls was another powerful sight to see as the falls were overflowing with so much power and could see the spirits diving off the cliffs of the granite with all their might, going straight into the rivers below with wild abandon...i was and still am in awe of their grace and their expression.

from yosemite...we drove to Middletown, CA to play on the 3rd, which is Howard's birthday, at Harbin Hotsprings....i will write about this, the 4th of july event, and tonight and tomorrow night's shows for the (part 2) installment of this catch-up blog.

sending you love from the road...gratitude for all the new friends and fans we are meeting along the way!

until the next blog...which will be soon...
aloha and mahalo...!!!

Ena Vie

here are some upcoming dates in store:

tonight : arcata community yoga center 7:30 pm arcata, ca
tomorrow night, July 9th- cafe culture chico, ca 7:30 pm
july 17th mendocino...more to come for details
mystic garden gathering of tribes oregon July 20-25th
wanderlust July 29th-31st
burning man - sacred spaces village
bhakti fest - sept. 10th 11am-12:30pm 2nd stage
RUDRAMANDIR Nov. 4th Ena Vie and friends

and oh so much more!!!