Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour....Updates from the road #4

wow...time really flies when life is lived on the road...i guess time flies anyway...and time is also relative. lately, i have been experiencing that there are moments when i feel as if i am in some sort of time warp...and many days have passed in one day, and then it seems no time has passed in many days...

a few more days have slipped by since my last blog post...and i have definitely been spending time getting rest and relaxation in this adventure of living life on the road with our MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA .

last i left you...howard and i were heading down south from mt. shasta after our shows and
sound healings in was a powerful time spent in the wide open spaces filled with rivers, trees, high deserts and beautiful people sharing their hearts and lives with us.

life on the road has so many twists and turns that i am learning that i don't really know what i am doing from moment to moment until it is happening. i had planned to go to the Women's Herbal Symposium up in Laytonville where women gather from all ages to celebrate the earth, on the land, for 3-4 days. i had invited a few friends to go with me, and i thought they all had registered...and being on the road, i had not i waited until the last minute. when howard and i returned to santa
cruz, two days before the event, i called to register and found out that the symposium was full, and there were no more tickets. then, my friend who had sent in her registration, found out that somehow it never was received, and we were all open to whatever was in our highest we all decided to go harbin hot springs instead.

my time at harbin was very special for me and it was a much needed place of rest and rejuvenation. the healing waters were just what my body and soul needed after many days of travel, sharing our music, meeting new friends and traversing new land.

our days were spent resting, reading, soaking, doing yoga in the temple, laughing and being very silly, eating delicious food, steaming, sleeping by the river, lounging by the fireplace and receiving the warm sunshine on my body after spending over a week in the still cold landscape of oregon. it was such a magical time, and i am so grateful for my friends who went with me, the new friends i met and the beauty that comes from trusting that while some plans are made, the plans that unfold are often the best divinely guided plans.

now...the next few days are being spent organizing the month of june...where we will be spending 3 weeks in hawaii...a week in yosemite and a few shows in between.

june 9th - we will be sharing our music at esalen, after a week long workshop we will share at the culmination of the radiance sutras workshop led by lorin roche and camille maurine. the glorious denise kaufman will be there bringing her joy and aloha with her support and renditions of the radiance sutras as well as her superb bass playing skills. howard and i are so thrilled to be sharing our music with these beautiful people in this amazing setting...if you ever get a chance to go to esalen... it is a very special place that has been around for over 50 years. check out my blogpost that i wrote inspired from my last trip to esalen.

june 10th - 24th we will be journeying through the powerful and healing landscape of the big island. we will be spending time sharing our music on the hilo and kona side of the island with dates and locations to come. we will also be sharing our MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA throughout the land with friends flying in to join us in these special events.

june 26th we will be playing in healdsburg at the Heart Bliss Artist Retreat/Reunion

then...we have more dates to come !!!
Harbin - July 3rd
Farfax - July 4th
Arcata - July 8th
Chico - July 9th
Mendo - July 15-17th
Mystic Garden Gathering of Tribes - July 20 - 25
Wanderlust - July 28th- 31st

we can't wait to see you in the flow of MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA

we are honored to be bringing our music and sound to you...see you in the flow of love and beauty...

for more info and dates and locations...go to