Saturday, November 2, 2013

a year of change and transformation...

i can't believe a year has passed since i last posted a blog...

so much has transpired over this time...and i can't include it all in this blog post - however - a friend just told me they were reading over my blog, and i realized i haven't spent time writing about our travels or adventures down the road of MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA...and there have been many!

this year has been a year of change...we have moved out of topanga canyon, we have been back on the road again traveling with our music and ceremonial work, we are getting more and more clear about how we want to live in the world, we have been to the midwest, to england and mexico ...and now we are about to head to the pacific northwest.

bhakti fest was a highlight for us this year - the festival held every september in joshua tree was by far one of our best sets we have shared at the festival. 

Here is an excerpt from our set -

the rain began to mist and then flow, and we thought that our set was going to be shut down. we had heard news that the main stage was closed, and we continued to play as the sound crew was constructing a covering for the stage so the equipment would stay dry and we could continue playing. we were calling in the rain, honoring the directions, the water, the elements - as we were singing the EARTH PRAYER "I'm sorry, forgive me, I offer this healing, I love you and thank you amen. I'm sorry, forgive me, and open heart I bring, I love you and thank you amen." People began to dance and sing as the rain poured down and the prayers of our hearts, along with the music, were guiding all of us into this incredible and poignant moment of healing and connection with each other and the earth. The sound crew was giving us the signal to keep going, the audience was dancing and asking for the music to pour over them as the rain washed away old pain, resentments, wounds and fear. The joy and the love that was lifting us from within felt as if we were being lifted off the stage and there was nothing any of us could do except continue in the flow of the music, dancing and chanting 'I'm sorry, forgive me, I love you and thank you". the band that was set to play after us were supporting us to continue and it seemed as we were guided by something larger than our individuality, our band or the festival, we stepped into a ceremonial moment of transformation and it was incredible. As the song began to slow down, the rain lifted, and we all stood there in complete joy and collective devotion as we had been washed by the rains in the middle of the Joshua Tree desert. The sun peeked through the now shifting clouds, and we all walked off the stage and into the arms of those who had participated, witnessed and danced through this epic moment at bhakti fest. thank you to everyone who was there and joined us for this special and sacred moment. we will remember and cherish this for a long time to come...we look forward to our next encounter with you on the road of collective exchange in the heart of devotion and music.

what's next?

oregon, sedona and then hawaii! 

more to come soon...

until then...sending you ALOHA  ~

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