Saturday, January 28, 2012

it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life

it's a new's a new's a new's a new life...for me...and i'm feelin' good.

it's january ....2012...incredible how time slips by, sometimes quickly, and sometimes ever so gently, like a stream running by in the woods...i don't always know or see how much water has accumulated and gone down the mountain...until i reach the bottom of the mountain...and i see the lake where all the water has is full and rich with so many stories along the way.

this has been our year of 2011...being on the road for almost a year, we are full of so many stories...meeting new friends, fans, faces, places - learning about the rigors of touring, the challenges of being in a car, with a dog, a musician/producing/performing/co-creating husband, all our gear, a few clothes and some food to get us to each destination...and then on to the next location. we got married three times!! once in esalen...with lorin roche presiding over the cliffs of big sur, the 2nd time in Hawaii, on the Big Island in Pahoa, near the warm ponds, presided over by Auntie Mahealani...and the 3rd time...well...keep reading...

the last few months have been very full...we have been hovering in the bay area in nor cal, we planned our 3rd wedding from the road, with 120 of our dearest friends and family, presided over by Denise the home of Howard's brother...MC'd by Ena's brother, catered by the Krishnas, under a chuppa, with a conch shell calling in the four directions, a portion of the psalms read, a poem by shel silverstein and a quote from leonard cohen, walking down the aisle to mantras from india and leaving to a celebratory song from the depths of the amazonian jungle...i think we honored everyone from our community and our hearts!

after our wedding, we realized, even more deeply, how special our community of family and friends are to us, and how we have missed them all on our travels. it is because of them that we can go out and share our music, and it was very healing and renewing to touch base with our foundation and celebrate with those we love in our wedded bliss.

we dove deeply into the lessons of the road and how we want to travel differently next year, we played a rockin' new year's eve show down in san diego, we survived the holidays bouncing from santa cruz, to sonoma, san diego to los angeles and then some...and 2012 came and a breeze blowing on a spring notice something gently touching your face...and yet it feels like an old friend.

in the early part of january, we decided to land in topanga...our bodies have been begging for our own bed, the familiar smell of our pillows and comforter, a place to put our toothbrush and hang our clothes and make our meals...these small treasures have become something of a rare commodity as traveling troubadours...and at the moment, they have become priceless objects of our affection.

where Topanga Canyon Blvd meets the Pacific Ocean...bliss
in the middle of it all...we were supposed to go to the hawaiian islands and play some shows, festivals and gatherings...and without getting too much into the details...a family crisis prevented us from traveling the distance and making our winter shows impossible for us to fulfill.

we have heard the matter how much more we think we should be is clear, for a variety of reasons, that we need to rest, stay in one place, land, stop and breathe....exhale............

today, i looked back over my past blogs and realized just how much road travel we have done, and yes...i think we have been brave, courageous and adventurous! there have also been so many nights we didn't know where we were staying, what we were eating and how we were going to make it to the next destination or gig...and through it seems that on this side of things, i feel stronger, wiser, clearer and i know that this year is going to be very different.

how you ask?

one of the biggest lessons i learned this past year is to be honest with myself, my heart, even when my mind may be telling me something different.

for example...i have now called this past year of touring...the 'De-Mystification Tour'....because, most every large event we played i found myself saying...'this is what all the hype was about?' it just didn't seem that the events delivered what they promoted or what everyone was saying about them.

i learned that if i really want to play is because i want to be there...we are being fairly compensated and the circle is complete for both audience and performer (and venue)...otherwise we can't keep doing what we are doing.

so much energy, effort and resources go into sharing the arts...and being on the road has been one big, long i am very grateful for..and still integrating the pearls, gems and diamonds...(you can be sure there will be plenty of good music and lyrics to come out of these experiences!!!)

winter is a time to rest, retreat, integrate, gather energy and place our intentions for the spring and summer....and this is exactly what we have been called to do...even when my mind and body are resisting and fighting against the truth of my soul....(go out and play more!! i hear in my head)

i have so much more to write about in terms of the shadowy sides of the communities we have played in...and i believe there is richness to be culled from this side of the industry and circle of players that we have encountered. so stay tuned to that...i am still working on my relationship to some of the encounters i had this summer of the dark side of the 'new age' and  'spiritual/conscious' movements.

thank you to all our beautiful new friends and fans we met along the way this summer...truly, without your love and support, howard and i could not have survived...and we feel that we barely made it to here.

so we chalk this up to our rookie year of being on the road - touring for 9 months straight!!! i think we not only survived, we succeeded in sharing our music and hearts with so many people and cities and states...and we are looking forward to seeing many of you again and meeting new friends and fans this year. we are soooo looking forward to going out there again this year, and we cannot wait to share our new music with you!!!! so excited for it to get out soon...

much love and gratitude and stay tuned for more stories and insights down the road.

aloha -
ena vie

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