Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour....Updates from the road #3

The last blog entry i left off on our way heading north from CA's
bay area towards our gigs in ashland and bend, oregon. we had spent a few days with our beloved friends in soquel, ca, in a redwood grove, where we had been given some time to regroup, release our RV, lighten our load a bit more...and spend some time with the redwoods, near a beautiful creek running through the gentle land of soquel, with some furry friends who round it all out with their love and medicine...and, our beloved friends who feel like family. we feel so blessed to spend time in a restful and loving environment where we can support one another to remember who we really are. and...they have a 3 year old son who has adopted me as his 'other mama' heart is now his!

by the time we got all our gear together...we didn't leave the south bay area until late afternoon...and we were headed to ashland, which was going to be about a 7 hour drive or so. packed solidly into our volvo, i offered to drive the leg up north, as howard had just spent a cool 36 hours in so. cal...delivering our RV, unpacking the last of our stuff from a uhaul truck into our storage and driving back up north again...just two days he was ready for some rest.

i enjoy driving, it brings me back to my childhood family
vacations...i have many memories of driving out on the open road to arizona, yosemite, the grand canyon, wyoming, colorado and lake mead, nevada or lake havasu, arizona where we spent many summer weekends water skiing and camping out under the stars. we would drive late on friday nights, so my dad could go after work, in the station wagon, and return late sunday evenings so my dad could go back to work on monday. i remember my mom and brother would often fall asleep in the back of the wagon while i would stay up, sitting in the front seat with my dad, while he drove. i would stare out into the dark night sky which was often filled with stars - there were no street lights or other cars as far as the eye could see.

so the thursday night drive was like a night i had lived many times from my childhood...just now with different characters. howard was sleeping in the front seat, and
sweetums, our white shepherd/wolf was passed out in the back with all our music gear and clothes piled around her. once we ventured north of san francisco, it was a quiet drive...dark and still. eventually, we came across mt. shasta...quiet, ominous, beautiful, powerfully rooted in the earth, shining in the moonlight and draped in snow. we drove through the town of mt. shasta around midnight, we wanted to stop and stay for the night, but we decided to continue on to our destination...knowing we would take some time to visit on our way back down.

we arrived in ashland (or a friend from LA who has recently transplanted there calls it) around 2 in the morning, we were tired and welcomed sleep. we had been offered a room to stay in town for thurs. and fri., and we were so grateful to have a place to lay our heads...yet...the moment we lay down...the bedsprings were poking into our bodies and the squeaking bed sounded off just looking at it! for someone who is very sensitive to sounds and environment, this was not going to work for two nights! (since we released our RV, howard and i have been envisioning the right vehicle for us where we can sleep and store our it a hybrid SUV? a flat bed truck with a camper? a travel trailer??) this bed was giving us the opportunity to get even more clear about what we need for sleeping and traveling on the road.

we woke up early, tired and laughing at our adventures in sleeping, packed up our things, silently whispered 'thank you' to the home and homeowner who we hadn't met and headed off to Jackson Wellsprings early to grab a soak in the tubs before our show that night. after our sound check with the percussionist whom we had met for the first time that afternoon, we went and took a soak in the warm, healing, sulfuric waters. we were offered a place to stay that evening at the was a sweet place called 'neptune's garden', which was built and painted by the musician, scott huckabay who lived in it for 8 years. What a beautiful sanctuary and rest stop for us, now the tired musicians blazing across states and through many towns. i took a nap after soaking, and woke up to this scene (photo on the left)....i felt as if i was swimming in the ocean waters with dolphins, seaweed, and other sea creatures that welcomed us from the road and into their cosmic waters.

the crew at jackson wellsprings had been working hard all week to get the space prepared for
our show, which was the first to kick off the summer shows in ashland. we played that night under the casbah tent in the dry, high desert air, and shared our music with new friends while a fire burned, chai simmered on the kitchen stove and guests soaked their bodies - defrosting from a cold winter. it was a beautiful evening...sharing prayer, intention, music and our passion. what a gift to be doing what we love and offering our music and our lives as our 'life work'...we are blessed! we met some new friends, some played with david kai (who opened for us! thanks david!) and ken becker who brought his sweet sounds of harmonica to one of our newest songs. kerry shakerman shared his percussive talents to the night...we have made a new friend..thanks kerry for showing up and playing with us sans rehearsal!

after the show, a man came up to me and started sharing his experience of the touched he was by our music, how it really spoke to his heart and that he has traveled with many musicians...seen many acts...and he really believes in what we are doing. then he said,
"i have a van, that has been converted, sorta like a limo van, you can stand up inside it, you can sleep in it, store all your gear, have room for sweetums (who had been keeping watch over us during the show by sleeping next to the stage) and it is a great traveling/touring vehicle. many people have asked me if they can buy the van, and since i have been in town, i have turned down a few people, knowing that they are not the right owners for this particular van. upon hearing your music and what you are about, i want you guys to come check it out and see if this is for you...i think it will be perfect for what you are looking for."

howard and i had just been envisioning the night before what kind of vehicle would be best for us...knowing that the volvo wagon would not be a long term here was spirit at work again...masterfully aligning the right things at the right time.

the night ended and after talking story with more friends and locals...we packed up the car with our gear and crawled into our sweet little bed in neptune's garden and slept the sleep of a newborn. the next morning, a man by the name of david lovere handed us a cd with some photos he took of our show in exchange for admission...little did we know what a talent he is; we were given some beautiful shots of our evening under the casbah tent. thank you david for sharing your gifts with made the evening even more special!

by early afternoon we were headed towards bend, oregon for our show that was scheduled that evening at the Community Grange Center. we checked out the van with our new friend from the night before, and decided we would connect back in with him the following week...we were still 4 hours away from our next percussionists yet...and we were tired from the night before, the week before, the month before, the year before!! we needed to hit the road!

so much has been unfolding for us, and on this particular drive to bend, we were feeling the push on our bodies from the build up of all the transitioning that has been/is occurring. the road to bend from ashland is one straight, long highway lined with pine trees all the way from start to finish. at one point, we crossed a beautiful river...the rogue? the mountains surrounding and holding us, as we drove across a bridge with a blue sky and clouds above. i looked at howard and said, "this is our life...right now...we are creating this adventure...we live in our car and take our music out to the people, with a few clothes, gear and our mission/vision as our only belongings...!!!" it sort of hit me, and howard, a light switch had just been turned on. we smiled and sat in silence as we steadily moved towards our destination.

we arrived at our friend's home with only 1 hour before we needed to get to our show location and start time, which would give us enough time to grab some clothes, get our gear and drive to the spot.

our friend jennifer had secured this really sweet community center in town, and had loved it up with candles, plants, statues, was so beautiful. she organized, promoted and set up the whole event for us! we quickly unloaded our gear, met the percussionists who were booked that same day...never hearing our music, showing up anyway to support our music and our Earth Prayer Project. it was another beautiful night...the music unfolded beautifully...we shared our songs, our prayers, our love and our joy, while meeting new friends, new tribe and new fans. i am finding on this adventure, more times than not, that i am meeting and connecting with people and it seems as if i have known them for a long time. when i left santa monica, i told my friends and community, "we are not moving away, we are taking you with us in our hearts and expanding the community"...and this is unfolding in front of us at every show. new friends feel like old tribe members... another confirmation that we are walking on the path of our truth and joy.

after the show ended, we returned to our friend jennifer's house, who has a daughter that we had met up with in peru when we were visiting down there two years ago. her name is teresa schroeder and she is staying with jennifer while transitioning from her return from peru to her next residence...which looks like it will be in santa fe, new mexico. she is quite the inspirational woman who sustained a spinal cord injury while snowboarding at the age of 21. Fracturing her 3rd through 5th cervical vertebrae she was immediately paralyzed from the neck down, and has been on an adventure of recovery, self - discovery and realization that has been an extraordinary more about her life, mission, artwork and to show your support - go here:

to speak of teresa, her work in this world, her tenacity, courage, patience, meditation, persistence, creativity and to just scratch the surface of how she lives everyday...along with extraordinary pain, a mission to walk again, dependence upon many for her every day care, support and guidance along with a vision to continue to journey inward and upward...this is her life, her destiny. since her physical crisis that happened over 5 years ago...teresa has managed to visit and work with shamans in the amazonian jungle, working with plant medicines, yoga therapy, Native American ceremonies, Vipassana meditation and beyond. She has learned that our bodies are designed to talk to us. both teresa and her mother jennifer, are adventurers of life...learning from the realms of healing, pain, love, transformation and renewal...i send my love and prayers to you well as all those who walk with you.

howard and i decided to stay the week in bend and spend time with teresa, jennifer, and the crew of light workers who assist teresa everyday
with her life's work of healing, breathing and remembering. we also decided to offer our sound healing ceremonies to the community...and this has been a joy for us to bring our deeper work of
to new friends and tribe.

this past week in bend has been a bit of relaxation, reorganization, re-visioning of where we are going, revisiting what we have just completed and dove into while remembering that all is well and nothing is as it seems! today, the sun is shining, the river is flowing, the flowers are blooming and we are filled with gratitude, knowing that although we don't always know how the road will unwind, we are always provided for and shown exactly what we need, when we need it, not a moment too soon or too late.

next month - June - we are heading to Hawaii...the Big Island and possibly Maui - to share our
MUSIC | MEDICINE | MANTRA with Pele and Kiawahine...and the locals. what a joy and a blessing this adventure is bringing us...

festival season is also arriving...and we are now booked for Mystic Garden Gathering, Wanderlust, Burning
Man (sacred spaces villages) in July & August and much more to, photos and updates will continue to be posted, so stay tuned here, on facebook or on our website.

thank you for your love and support and for keeping up with us on our adventures. don't forget to drop us a line whenever you feel inspired...and you can always have the blog posts delivered to your email by clicking on the follow sign which is on the right column on the front page of the blog.

love to all...
peace to all ~
life to all!

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