Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour....Updates from the road #2

since the last post i wrote, the days have been full of rich encounters...the more we let go and surrender to the moment, the more the present spreads out into an infinite week feels like one month or one year!

i wrote the last blog entry from the open fields of inverness in north marin county.
those hills have spoken to me for years, and tamales bay has been a retreat for my mind and soul in ways i feel i cannot always describe. each time i go out to the bay, my body takes an exhale and i sink into the rich, golden grasses underneath the bright blue skies and rolling clouds. the spirit of this land is palpable to me, and the time i spend in this part of california is always full of deep rest and expansive dreams.

last thursday morning, we left inverness, and headed towards play music for a yoga class with kelly farr. sweetums, our white shepherd (wolf) came into the studio and became the guard for the duration of the class and Howard and i played our music for the lunchtime yogis...what a beautiful way to share our practice while others were practicing.

we had made some plans to possibly meet up with our dear friend, yogi & musician - denise kaufman for lunch or grab a hug after our class in sausalito...but i realized she had called while we were in our class and so we thought we had missed her...we decided to eat some soup from the local market looking out over the bay, with a view of alcatraz and downtown san francisco. i looked over at howard and said, "this is what we get to do with our our lunch, outside in the sunshine, with a view of the city...not bad, right?" we left our lunch spot and headed south to santa cruz...for our next gig friday night. on the way over the golden gate bridge, we get a phone call from denise saying she just crossed over the bridge and we realized we were only minutes from each other. she gave us directions to get off the 101 and suddenly we were facing each other in person, giving hugs and love and celebrating how incredibly synchronistic life can be when you step into the flow of the river. my heart was full by seeing her...a sweet reminder of home in the middle of letting go of our own. a postal worker just
"happened to be standing right next to us" and we asked her to snap a photo...then we were all off to our next adventures! (denise was going up north to film a documentary for her band from the '70's - Ace of Cups - for a birthday celebration for wavy gravy!)

howard and i needed to find a bank of america...and we were trying to find it with our very confusing GPS...we are not so familiar with san we decided to find one in santa cruz. we arrived in capitola, a town right next to santa cruz, and we drove into the parking of the B of A. howard says to me, "that license plate says 'inner light' " and i look up and there is Rev. Deborah Johnson, the rev. of 'inner light' walking in front of our the same moment i stick my head out the door and say..."are you Deborah Johnson?" and she said, 'yes i am'....i said...'i am ena vie and we are sharing our music at your service this sunday morning' and she replied..'we are looking forward to having you with us'...and walked towards the bank. i looked over at howard and said...of all the banks in this area, of all the banks in the bay area...we could have stopped at any location, we could have had lunch longer, or needed gas for the car..or a million other things...and yet, in this moment, we connected with this woman from a place we are playing music for in a few days! synchronicity at work again!! the flow is alive and well ~ i am remembering to wake up to this more and more.

we played the next evening at divinitree yoga...a small and fairly new yoga studio in santa cruz. we played with a percussionist who we had just met and the night was magical and a long, sweet seemed that many beings came to join us in song...both seen and unseen.

the next morning...we soaked our bodies in hot tubs at the tea house spa in santa cruz...bamboo shoots next to redwoods and private rooms looking out between shoji doors, wood floors and stones being splashed with water...a good way to prepare for our show in san rafael at the open secret bookstore.

feeling revived, rested and fully soaked, we headed up north. we took the 101 instead of the 280, which landed us in downtown san francisco on a saturday night! traffic, not knowing the city, and winding up and down the streets caused us to be a little late for our sound check and set up and we could not go to our RV to get fresh clothes and other things we needed for our show. some frustration was building within me, as i was feeling into more of what it means to lose control of how i think it is supposed to be or look like...accepting what is...c'est pas evident (as the french so eloquently put it!) we had left our RV in fairfax so we could be more mobile in santa cruz, but i only had two changes of clothes from two days in cruz town...and now we only had time to set up, do sound check. no time to go up the RV and get more things, and i only had clothes on me from the night before to wear for the night...and then i realized i was singing in a bookstore, where they had jewelry i asked the woman at the counter if i could borrow some earrings and a necklace.

it ended up being the most beautiful silver-pearl mala necklace that matched what i was wearing, and at the end of the night, i felt like the stroke of midnight i returned the jewelry, however, unlike cinderella, i knew that i was being provided for at every step, and that returning these gifts was putting the energy back into the flow of the river. we are being shown that accumulating more stuff right now is not what we are choosing.

the show was incredible...we had an awesome band...ben leinbach on percussion and tom finch on electric guitar. one of the memorable moments for me was when we played 'ashes to ashes' and the song went into a trance version of itself...people were dancing and laughing and i saw into that moment...while i was singing about impermanence, and our bodies turning to ash and dust...that the awareness of death gives us more reason to celebrate LIFE!! it seemed as if all the beings...present and not, were celebrating the life/death/life cycle with joy and enthusiasm...what a gift!

after the show, we went up to where our RV was parked to grab some more things for our show the next morning, and the RV battery was out. what to do? we eventually got it started and realized we needed to bring it with us to santa at 3 in the morning, we arrived in santa cruz with our RV, our volvo, our dog and all our belongings...wake up time was 8 for our offering to Inner Light in soquel at 9. the whole way down i was chanting...'this is so easy! i can't believe how easy this is! this is the easiest thing we have ever is all easily coming together...' etc...and you know what? saying this over and over again, my mind stepped right into this river of being..and it really was/is easy!!

i don't know how to describe the morning at inner light, except to say that it was a miracle of beauty, awakening, spirit moving deeply and our music flowing out into the hearts and bodies of those who were there. it was probably one of the highlights of my music career so far, in that it seemed that we all were in it together...that we were all singing...praying, dancing, moving, crying, loving...together...and this is our mission, our vision, our passion to share our music in a way that confirms connectedness and not separation...what a joy!!! we found a new family on the road, and we look forward to going back there again and again! thank you valeriejoi, rev. deborah johnson, laura helgren and all the angels who helped us from start to finish. we love you!

as we pulled out of inner light sunday morning, howard and i both looked at each other and said, 'we need to lighten our load! we need to return the RV!!!' so the next day, howard drove the RV back to LA, finished unloading our last uhaul truck of stuff into our storage, and brought our recording gear back with him THE NEXT DAY! we know that we need to be recording the amazing music that is coming through us right now! i can't wait for you to hear some of the new stuff!

we are now preparing for our gigs this weekend in oregon...jacksonwellsprings in ashland, and the high desert community grange in bend...what an incredible journey it is to surrender, to let go of all that i don't need and only walk with that which brings me the greatest joy! we are stripping away all that no longer serves us, and realizing that we really don't need that much stuff - some musical instruments, clothes, a car to get us to and from, our wolf dog sweetums and the love of being alive in every moment! that's about it! check back next may find we need less than that!

thank you for your love and support...drop us a line anytime and let us know how you are doing...and we can't wait to see you at our next show...come travel with us....we love you so much!

ena vie

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