Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ena Vie on Tour....Updates from the road #1

it has been 5 days since we left LA...only 5!! and already so much has transpired in our lives and hearts!

the few weeks leading up to leaving were packed full of gigs (Earth Day/Earth Prayer Event at Exhale in Venice was awesome!!) playing for yoga classes, finishing up loose ends with jobs and other clients for Axis Mundi Entertainment/Studio...and MOVING!! this all started around the beginning of february...when we were asked to bring our song Earth Prayer up to the 1000 Hummingbirds All Nations Gathering event to help bring awareness and support water projects world-wide. this event was so powerful for us to participate in...there were fancy dancers and medicine drummers from a few different first nations tribes...and this set the stage for energy of the event and for us to share our song. Earth Prayer was an invitation to bring the healing power of the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono prayer - I'm sorry | forgive me | i love you | thank you - to the hearts of all those who were present. it was a moment for the 1000 Hummingbirds...and it was a moment for Earth we launched our song, our project - Earth Prayer the people! There were tears, hugs, joy and passion and this was the prayer and intention of Earth Prayer and Earth Prayer Project.

so we returned to LA and we began to organize more shows in california and beyond.the morning after the earthquake in Japan, and the onset of a possible tsunami partner in all things creative, business, relational etc. etc. and i were suddenly shaken to the reality of making this grouping of shows a full time TOUR. the guidance was clear...take the music out the PEOPLE!! this was March 11th, the day Uranus moved into Aries. According to the stars lining up at that time...and this time in general:

The first Mercury retrograde of the year (March 30 - April 23) provides the opportunity to adjust our thoughts, attitudes and decisions about our issues and adjust our new direction as we move through 2011. The changes will be dynamic as the Aries floodgates will have been opened. The whirling changes will begin in January 22, 2011 and ramp up to a higher speed and intensity of change on March 11, 2011. The situations of trading places and experiencing major transitions occur and become a major course correction beginning with the Mercury Retrograde on March 30th and continue through April 23, 2011.

so- in alignment with the stars and the cosmos...the Ena Vie TOUR began.

we had so much to do in so little time...and in less than a month, we packed up our home, had a sending off party with all our beloved friends and tribe and headed up north...

well...not that easily...i must share with you what transpired the last week and even day of our time in santa monica.
as many of you may know....moving can be so exhausting, draining and disruptive to all that seems in place in life. i believe that moving rates up there in the top ten stressors of life. the

whole week leading up to our final move we didn't get more than 10 or 15 hours of sleep. there was so much to pack up from our home and recording studio as well as prepare our tour for an unknown about of time.
monday...howard (my fiance and music partner/collaborator/engineer/mixer/producer - you get the idea!) called a friend of his and asked him if he knew of an RV that we might be able to use while we were traveling. not only did he know of was his! he said he had been living in it for the past year and that he would look for an apartment soon since he was wanting to move into one any way. tuesday rolls around...and he found an apartment!! by wednesday he had it cleaned out...and thursday at 10 pm...he rolled into santa monica and voila! we had ourselves an RV!

the funny thing was...with all our friends assisting us with the move, and our boxes and recording equipment and furniture etc...they were all wondering what were we going to do if an RV had not shown up?? we had never made a plan B!

that thursday night was a night i will never forget! we had 6 men helping us move...mostly because we needed the HELP! and...we have a 600 pound ganesha statue that is about 5 feet tall and cannot be moved without at least 4-6 strong men.
this statue was once in a temple i am sure...because why would anyone want to move this thing...ever?? while we were trying to figure out how we were going to move him, and where

we were going to put him...a thought occurred to me...'ganesh...remover of becoming the obstacle of our move!'

sweat, tears, man power, prayers, a lot of chiefs and many attempts later...we finally got Ganesh out of the house and into a safe resting place for the time being.

Ganesh is known for many things...remover of obstacles, creator of beginnings, director of arts and sciences, deva of intellect and wisdom...ganesh is not a deity for me...nor something i worship or bow to. ganesh is a reflection of all these aspects of LIFE, of the Creator of all things...that we have access to at any time when we need it. ganesh is a reminder that for all things that begin, many things must end...and there will be challenges along the way...and we were first hand witnesses to this!!

the next day, Friday was surreal...and i mean this literally...(how can something surreal be literal??) was both...surreal and literal....we were watching our home, our life, our creative pursuits be packed up and boxed...our furniture sold or given away, people walking through what once was a sanctuary and sacred space now made empty and vacuous, and all that once had meaning and perhaps even some identity attached to it (?) be taken down, placed in a storage unit or discarded. it was an ego death of sorts...we were losing all sense of 'control' of our environment, stepping out into the unknown and leaving all that is familiar to go where we did not know anyone, or how it was all going to look or be...and yet we knew that this was exactly where we were called to go...and yet...there was still the tendency to want to hold on to the past, the photos, the letters, the memories...the idea of who we are when we are in this place, with these people, in these clothes, doing this or that on this day...yet somehow, as i was watching this all unfold, like a play before me, i couldn't help but think back to my days at UCLA as an English major...and Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor..."familiarity breeds contempt." it was time to move out the troops!

friday night was full on...we had packed the house...we were on a mission to move our recording gear into a friend's place in Silverlake...but when we arrived, the driveway would not support the Uhaul truck...and the space was too small to hold all our belongings...(was mercury still directing itself?? yes...we are still in the shadow of mercury going direct until may 12th) well...we were feeling all kinds of obstacles.

we got to the final storage unit and realized we had too many things to unpack in a space that could not hold our we decided at midnight that we would leave our truck for a week, put our stuff in the storage space at another time...and get on the road.

we left our house sat. morning at 2:30 am...cleaned, empty and ready for the next tenants. it was so late, we were so tired, that i really couldn't fathom what we had just done, with the help of our friends and community...that we were ready to head out on the road. with an overloaded RV a furry dog...and our hearts on our sleeves...we drove out of LA on a wing and a prayer...steadily heading for our first gig in sebastopol.

we were so tired...that we needed to sleep a few we pulled on the side of the road (at carl's jr.s!! 'rv's welcome here'....what paradigm have we just stepped into??) slept next to the 5 freeway - a river of trucks and cars - and woke up a few hours later to keep heading north.

we arrived in san anselmo at 4 in the afternoon...took a shower after not having one for 4 our instruments together, and continued driving north to sebastopol. we arrived at 6:30 pm to devi yoga center...met our percussionist Kim Atkinson (with whom we had never rehearsed!) and started our show at 7:30...!!!! Kim stepped in like he had always played with us, adding percussive textures and layers to our music that sounded like our studio album...he is truly a master.

the music flowed through our bones and bodies like it always had in the past...but this time it was different...there was a vibration of sound that spoke beyond our time/space was as if all the angels and ancestors showed up to conspire with support this major leap into LIFE that we had just taken ~

the response of the crowd was palpable...people were crying, singing, dancing, was an answer to a prayer of lifetimes.

i would like to say - thank you to all beings...seen and unseen...who are supporting this journey...we are so grateful to be sharing our passion, our hearts and our mission to bring healing music to you...the people...this music is for all who desire to listen...including the insects, animals, birds and beings of the ocean.

more posts to come...please drop us a note anytime as we appreciate your reflections...

we love you and look forward to seeing you at one of our shows soon!!

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