Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pray for JAPAN...

these are powerful times...
this planet, and all the inhabitants
are experiencing deep
turmoil & transformation.
images of destruction,
death, desolation and despair -
pull at our hearts & our emotions
while we are stunned by
the tragedy that unfolds.

we pray for japan...
we pray for the people,
their suffering is our suffering
their loss is our loss
their pain is our pain
and their recovery is our own.
we send our hearts to you
we share our songs with you
we give our joy to you,
when yours cannot be found.
we are humbled...
by your dignity and grace
in the face of such disaster.
we watch you share with others,
respect what is not your own
while revealing to the world
the depth of your character.

we send our love
and our sincerest sympathies
for those who were lost,
and celebrate with you
those who have been found.
we walk with you,
we feel what you feel...
and while we may not be by your side...
we are here, sending our intention
for your recovery, your healing-
your life...returned to you in a new
and more powerful way.

may you walk in beauty...
be surrounded by beauty...
held by beauty and shown the path
of beauty....

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