Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ena Vie sings EARTH PRAYER Sat. March 5th's Maha Kirtan Pre-Bhakti Fest Party-LA Art of Living Center

This Saturday night, March 5th 7:30pm...the Maha Kirtan Pre-Bhakti Fest Party featuring recording artists: Donna De Lory, Joey Lugassy, the Breath of Life Tribe...and special musical guest....Ena Vie sings her song "EARTH PRAYER"...come on out for a powerful and beautiful evening of some of LA's best devotional musicians!

Earth Prayer on itunes or our website

EARTH PRAYER & Earth Prayer Project have started a PRAY IT FORWARD campaign. Please join us by sending this song to 5 friends you know and love and encourage them to do the same. 50% of the proceeds from this song go to Non-Profits working towards bringing sustainable and clean water to those who do not have any. The other 50% goes to Earth Prayer Projects continuous work with more music that supports Non-Profits. Recently, Earth Prayer Project donated money from their recent show in Santa Cruz to the 1000 Hummingbird foundation and their work with the PLAY PUMP in Africa. The PlayPump brings water to small villages who do not have the resources to pay for water, so the children play on the merry-go-round which pumps water to the people of the village. We are so very honored to be singing this song at this upcoming event in LA. Please go to itunes or go to our website to find out more!

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